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I just joined. I'm customracer209. Aside from having a lot of videos I uploaded to YouTube, I also try to make RPGs.

The first one I am trying to do on my on is not so great...
Anyway, I'm here...what's up? :)
Welcome. If you need any help, check out the forums. maybe someone can help you. be sure to specify the maker you are using or someone might get irritated cuz some people forget to.

Good luck with ur games.
Welcome to RMN! Contribute lots!
Thanks. By the way, I'm using RPG maker 2003.

Any kind of advice before I go indepth with the actual making of a game?

-Oh wait! What's the m mean?
1) Plan your game! Stick with your plan!
2) There are lots of helpful articles on this site... read em!
3) Don't be afraid to start over!
I think he will do just fine.After all this site has tutorials and i don't think he's an amateur after all he even stated he has experience with the rpg's.
Anyway, welcome to the RMN.
Even experienced RPG makers can't finish games.
The m is for makerscore. Submit stuff and you get points.

the less you points have, the higher your level of dastardly amazingness


with few exceptions
Even experienced RPG makers can't finish games.

True, but what i meant is that i am confident that he knows what he's doing.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Welcome. Have you heard the good news about SUPER CRATE BOX?
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