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why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
People do better when they talk about stuff.
Works cited: Life. You had that awesome night or that upsetting argument, so you chat with your friend over breakfast or coffee or whatever about it. You get to share the feeling or just vent. You feel better - you do better. You don't become a homicidal maniac after keeping it all inside.

Making games benefits from talking, too. That's why I made the "what are you working on now" topic, which I think works fairly well in sharing little stuff that doesn't necessarily warrant a blog. That's not to say that blogs can't work really well, yet they do seem to be more ignored than I'd like.

Let's Tries are a pretty good way to get some honest, immediate feedback for your game, but you need something playable in order to be able to be LT'd, and even then not all LTers are of the same caliber.

What you need is to really talk about your design, with or without amazing feedback. I'm lucky to have been good friends with Karsuman for, well... a considerable portion of my life, and since we now work together, we've been able to bounce (and build off of!) the other's ideas. I'm also friends with the energetic chaos, who I probably do the majority of the design talk with.

chaos: hmm
chaos: At Lv01 Siah has 34 HP and 41 in each defense
chaos: at Lv10 she has 160 HP and 50 in each defense
chaos: that is... drastic
Craze: yes
Craze: but is it an issue?
chaos: not really
chaos: The player will like seeing +14 HP each level up, I assume.
chaos: I think the game should open up a bit once Rila has her new familiar
chaos: like, maybe allowing you to take caravans voluntarily
Craze: That'd be fun.
chaos: and just letting you dick around for a bit
Craze: And probably necessary

It sounds trivial, but it's helpful.

Again, having great feedback isn't really the most important part of this exercise. chaos and I (Xenosaga?) usually have advice/tips for the other, especially if it's just HALP I NEED TO NAME THIS SKILL THAT DOES X (which happens way more often than you might think), but sometimes we just talk at the other person. There's active listening going on, but it's really just a release of information. Just talking about it helps you sort out your ideas.

This is why you guys should do your best to find somebody to talk to, hopefully as an exchange. A fair "you share, then I share" system works just fine. It doesn't need to be formal, and if karsu/chaos are any indication, it's usually interspersed between random bouts of normal chatter.

Find somebody to talk to.

chaos: Wandering Vagabond
Cost 1 Wind
Creature , Power Warrior
40 PWR / 30 MGC
You may sacrifice this creature to untap one of your own mana and draw a card.
Craze: Mercy Care costs 2? Meh.
chaos: there's uses
Craze: I like how you can
Craze: kill vagrants
Craze: to benefit yourself


Am I crazy for expecting you guys to do this? Do you have somebody you do this with? Is it helpful for you?
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
yea, i think this only works with select people. like if i talked to chaos about anything game related it would not connect and visa versa. i don't know if it's helpful or whatever, but it's fun to talk about sometimes.
Having a devblog really helps for me, but I imagine it'd be more engaging if I was able to actively just discuss tiny things about my game with people. Making a game is alot of work, and it's kind of difficult to keep trucking when there's no results after so long. Getting feedback, even in small doses, can be really encouraging.
did someone say angels
Yes, and it's even better if it's a person you talk to in person. I'm lucky enough to live in a dorm with >10 other game developers, so we often have long chats over dinner or into the night about games (both commercial and our own).
I have friends who like to talk about game design, but don't care enough about RPGs to offer much feedback. I also have friends I can talk to re: story, music, graphics, etc., and that's helpful to a point, but that's the stuff I don't need to talk about as much.

Occasionally I'll bore someone to death if I'm really struggling with some balance issue or whatever, or just to vent about shit being broken, but not much else. It's enough to be helpful/keep me working, but it's not the same as discussing with someone who's actually familiar with RM (especially VX) I guess.

p.s. f u sailerius give me your dormmates
This is why I absolutely love developing as part of a medium-sized team. We end up with huge threads of revisions and the like where one person posts a concept, then it's built upon and turned into something completely different, and then repeated for pretty much ever gameplay aspect. If anyone remembers those old GamingW 2-week contests, we'd generated ~30 topics and 1500 posts in 14 days.
I am far too insecure about my ideas to share them with a partner
This is actually quite a good idea. I'd love a partner or two to bounce back ideas and get some feedback on a playable but incomplete build of a game being worked. However, I don't know anyone here well enough for that to occur, and no one I know cares much for RPG Maker, so yeah.
Any fine ladies wanna be my partner? ;)
I do this with Chaos and YF and Ocean more often, it's really awesome ;w;
Except Chaos kicks my ass more often since I'm horrible with database </3

But YF and Ocean are great for to talk ideas with and share stuff and talk about concepts.
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
I have no one except ark. :(
I get messages from people sometimes.

Then they learn the hard way never to talk to me. Ever.

Seriously though, I used to talk with Erave before he dropped off the face of the earth, I think that's pretty much it. Oh, and Nemesis before he... Dropped off the face of the earth.

OH, I talked to neophyte recently, but only to give him a free hat.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Chaos </3


Fuck, I should update that huh.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I have a friend who I talk about RPG maker stuff with all the time like this. It's really helpful because we have very different ideas about game design. The discussions are mostly about his game, since I haven't actually worked on any new projects in over a year. We talk over AIM almost every day.

Here's a partial transcript of yesterday:

LockeZ: No one likes enemies with instant death attacks!
Zombero: it's possible players aren't getting their 20% natural resistance to it
LockeZ: Unless that 20% resistance means "does 80% as much damage", it doesn't make one hair of a difference
Zombero: it means it'll work 40% of the time against equal willpower instead of 50%
LockeZ: 1% chance and 99% chance for random game over are effectively the same thing to most people. Either way is a completely unacceptable figure. Any non-zero random chance to die means that either you need to be stronger, or the game is broken.
LockeZ: If you get a game over, it should be because you did something wrong. If you do everything 100% perfectly, you shouldn't get a game over.
Zombero: how do single target death spells = random chance of game over
LockeZ: Well there is more than one enemy
Zombero: there aren't ever 4 pretas
LockeZ: But if there are two, and they both cast it for two turns in a row, then you're dead
Zombero: you can't kill 1 preta in a whole round?
LockeZ: Not with two dead people!
Zombero: so don't be slower!
LockeZ: Being faster requires killing the pretas
Zombero: or the speed accessory
LockeZ: Basically I don't think anyone would find the game any less fun or be even remotely upset if instant death attacks either didn't exist or were player-only
LockeZ: A shield buyable in the second town that has an instant-death-blocking rally would be a sort of acceptable alternative
Zombero: I don't know about blocking, but resist is a possibility
LockeZ: Resisting instant death is worthless. Either you are immune to it, or it might as well be 100%
Zombero: I bet you'd use it
LockeZ: I'd use it but it wouldn't solve the problem
Zombero: you aren't going to like the area instant death attacks
Zombero: also you would really hate the optional boss in DDS
LockeZ: I would hate a lot of your favorite things

This is pretty truncated, actually. The full conversation was about twice this long.
Chaos </3

That heart one is aimed at me not at you D:
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
yea, i think this only works with select people. like if i talked to chaos about anything game related it would not connect and visa versa. i don't know if it's helpful or whatever, but it's fun to talk about sometimes.

Of course. Not everybody is fit for each other!
This is probably (having a partner) the only way in which I will finish anything.
This is actually quite a good idea. I'd love a partner or two to bounce back ideas and get some feedback on a playable but incomplete build of a game being worked.

I second this.
I talk mostly to Darken, but also with people on
i talk to.....almost everyone, even some that are never really active on RMN but just quietly work on their gams. Sometimes I wonder if thats all you really need instead of a forum where most activities are in moronic.
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