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Music is arguably the hardest resource to come by in our indie game making endeavor (original music that is), probably more so than custom graphics. For those of us who aren't gifted with mad composing abilities, the time to compose, or a team member to do so, we are forced to salvage the internet/movies/shows/other games etc. for tracks suitable for our games' purpose.

Have you ever listened to a track in a movie or something and just thought to yourself, "hey, this track could be used in something-village in my game, or this could be a boss music."

Post the original sources of your music in your games and specify where it is used, i.e battle theme.
Also, you can post music that you haven't put in a game but always thought that it suits an RPG/game if it is inserted into it.

Here's a good "beginning village the hero lives in that is secluded from the darkness of the world" track

Here's a good "Fight with the dark lord"

I use this for Nora Town, a harbor town in my game that connects the "land" to "an ethereal lake".

If a track's source is from another game, that's fine too, but what's the fun in that.
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