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OK, in before New Year's resolutions, I have a proposal for you guys! I think we should get a group together and each member of that group should start a brand new project, presumably a game seeing as this is RPGMaker.net, and each agree to release our games simultaneously on a given date in six months time, then review each other's games.

We'll keep each other updated on our projects and use each other as a motivational support and "Oh crap why isn't my attack working? Help!" group.

It's sounding like a mini and condensed version of what this forum used to be, I know, but I think we should go for it!

I'm going to tentaively say that we should agree to start on our games November 1st, and to release our games, June 1st 2011. Anyone in?

Mission Statement
To produce a game between November 1st 2010 and June 1st 2011, mass releasing our projects alongside one another on June 1st 2011 and reviewing each other's work. Each week we will have a topic where we can talk about how our projects are going and provide support for each other.


- Me
- Lennon
- Asalieri/ Tellahasa (yes he's alive)
- Little Wing Guy
- Corfaisus
- Irli
- psy_wombats
- Kitsune Inferno
- Fist
- Idida1
- Nukei
- WayToGo24
- Suzuricho
- Cystalgate
- Arias
- Everguard
- Koff
- Coy13

Week 01
Week 02
Week 03
Week 04
Week 05
You must be a mind reader, Sam. I was just thinking of starting up a small project to go along with Neo Lescia, and then this pops up? Count me in!

Those dates sound reasonable to me. That way I'll have time to plan out the game before I actually get to work on it.
Excellent! We have our first sign up!
I want to give this a serious attempt. I hope the theme will not be a strict one, as I want to let the creative juices flow, so to speak.
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I wouldn't mind participating as long as, like Little Wing Guy said, the theme will not be strict, if there will be a theme.
This sounds great. Having a deadline will really force my brain to work. I'm totally in.
I'll try, I guess. I intended to start something soon anyway. Well, let's see what the theme is. Or if there is a theme.
I'm all for it.

Sure, count me in!

I've got a game idea that I've had a while now that fits the scope of this.
Im in, what time zone tho?
If a nub is allowed, then sure.

I don't have this game yet :(
- Asalieri/ Tellahasa (yes he's alive)

fuck I thought he vanished off the web; I never see that guy on AIM anymore.

How is he?

(oh god I'd like to do this but I have... commitments)
I also love how this starts on NaNoWriMo... Perfect timing, just write the game script during that time. (Heh, VNs are so fun...)
I'd love to do it. I'm pretty noobish though.
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Hm. What is the theme? Wait, is there one at all?
Hopefully not. I just want to use this drive as a way to get feedback while I plan my game.
You know, the thing that made me put my name down for this was the "review each others' games" part. But how is that 'enforced' really? So thinking about that How A Partner Can Help topic, what if the entrants were paired or tripled up or something and then cooperated with those people, offering advice and whatnot? ...Just something random I thought of.
There's no theme, and I'm really glad to see so many of you wanting to sign up for this! As for time zone... Just so long as you post it on June 1st from wherever you are that's fine. I'm in the UK, and I realise that some of you will be eight hours ahead and some will be eight hours behind.

As for pairing people up, if people want to form teams they can, if people want to go solo they can. Again, this drive is about getting people to work on and release something, with the promise of feedback at the end and a support network that can offer support and feedback throughout the process.

Asalieri's good. He had some personal issues but he and his family are back home in the US safe and sound. If he's learnt anything it's "Never live in Germany". He's got a YouTube channel here http://www.youtube.com/asalieri and he's still on Skype
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I don't think I can handle this right now, at least not a solo project.

I approve of this effort, though.
Interested in trying. You've stated that there is no theme - are there any specific restrictions beyond 'cannot start until Nov1' and 'must end on Jun1'?
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