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I wanna know how people's tastes in RPGs have changed through the console generations. List your faves like so:

Final Fantasy I
I know the 2nd and 3rd are better, but this was my first rpg that I ever played to the end of. The sequels were basically more of the same old, and didn't quite evolve as much as the Dragon Warrior games did.

Tales of Phantasia
'nuff said.

The story, the characters, the unique visual style, the intuitive battle system, the music... all this and more have made this my favorite game of all time. Special mention have to go to Legend of Dragoon for its amazing battle system and I'll always have a thing for FFVIII as well. Playstation was definitely my favorite generation for rpgs!

Playstation 2
Shadow Hearts/Xenosaga III
Can't choose between these. I loved both series of these games but these two were my favorites. I have a bunch of "Tales" games for PS2 that I have yet to try though, so I guess this could change.

Gothic 1 and 2.
Admittedly, I don't play newer PC Games, so I can't say how these old gems would stack up to games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or Fallout 3 (although I HATE FPA games. Rot in hell Deus Ex).

I've had this system since it was released, but have yet to play any RPGs for it. I hope to try White Knight Chronicles as soon as I get the system fixed.

Feel free to add any systems you feel are worth mentioning. These are just my favorite RPGs from my favorite systems (loved my Saturn to death but never played any RPGs on it).

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NES: Final fantasy

PS2: Kingdom Hearts II

WII: ermm... Does Zelda Twilight princess count?

DS: The World Ends With You.


GBA: Pokemon Emerald

Gamecube: XD game of darkness (Only rpg i played for game cube so...)


NES/Master System: N/A. These games show their age way too much so I couldn't really say I like any of them. It probably didn't help that I didn't really play RPGs as a young child and so didn't get around to playing RPGs from this era until I'd already played SNES/Mega-Drive RPGs.

SNES/Mega-Drive: Final Fantasy VI. The Breath of Fire games on the SNES were good but... they don't really get close to VI.

Playstation/N64/Saturn: Final Fantasy VIII. Being (probably) my favourite RPG makes this a given. Honourable mentions should go to Breath of Fire III, Final Fantasy VII and Diablo (which I have on the Playstation to this day!). Grandia should also get a shout too; I adore the battle system in that game.

PS2/Gamecube/Dreamcast: This is where it gets a little bit harder, I think. Final Fantasy XII was fantastic because the battles were amazing, but the same could be said about Grandia II and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (the tactical aspect outside-of-battle in DQ is nice...) The Shadowhearts games were pretty good, even if their lore was a little messed up - they definitely have the best monster designs out of the lot. Gonna have to go with the Final Fantasy title for all round playability, I think.

PS3/XBox/Wii: Easy. Fallout 3. It destroys everything else I've played on the latest consoles.

PC: Diablo II. I've played it so much over such a long period of time that I'd be lying if I didn't choose this.


DS: The World Ends With You.

So much this. I didn't even think of handhelds...

Gameboy/Gamegear: Pokemon Gold/Silver. Those games were immense. I wasted far too much time on them when I was younger, and far too many AA batteries too!

GBA: Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance, probably. It's a little bit easier than Tactics is, but I like it anyway.

DS: See above. TWEWY is one of the best RPGs available on any console and its from a handheld...
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Dragon Warrior III/Dragon Warrior IV (tie)
The Silver Age of console RPGs...

Final Fantasy VI/Chrono Trigger (tie)
The Golden Age of console RPGs. Possibly the best RPGs ever created.

HAH! There are no RPGs on this system. I was severely disappointed.

...or KOTOR I. KOTOR has better story, but KOTOR II had a better item crafting.

Dragon Quest Swords
This is the only Wii RPG I've played so it wins by default.

Chrono Trigger
It is only 1 of 3 RPGs I've played on a handheld (the others being DQIV and Disgaea)

Diablo II.
I've played it so much over such a long period of time that I'd be lying if I didn't choose this.

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GBA: Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance, probably. It's a little bit easier than Tactics is, but I like it anyway.

My only complaint with FFTA was the laws and how they cut into my battle method of choice. Sure it makes you balance out melee and magic/skills, but still. Ripping through the final battle (granted it wasn't the 300 mission one) was satisfying though.
SNES: Final Fantasy 5 was really the only one I remember playing to any degree. It seemed to be the most fantasy based FF, which is why I like it so much. Also the class system is fun.

Playstation: Final Fantasy 7, duh. I only played it once but it's so cemented into my memory that it's my fave.

N64: Paper Mario. I could play this game 700 times and never get bored of it. Also there are about 100 ways to play the game.

PS2: Pfft, easy question. Tales Of The Abyss. I only played it last year but almost from the get go it was instantly my favorite RPG on the system.

Gamecube: Once again, a Tales Of. Symphonia this time. This game is so good I once played it through twice in a row, and loved every bit of it. Also it has Kratos Aurion, the most badass Tales Of character ever.

PS3: This thing has RPG's?

360: Is Mass Effect an RPG? If so, then a million times that. If you don't consider it one, then Tales Of Vesperia, because it is fucking beautiful looking. (and it's fun too!)

Wii: I don't own any RPG's.

GBC: Pokemon Crystal. The game is SO well made, plus I played the hell out of it as a kid, so theres a load of nostalgia.

GBA: Can't think of any. I guess I'll say Pokemon Sapphire for the time being.

DS: Pokemon Heartgold. Nothing can top this, it's easily the best pokemon game so far. I've been playing for 83 hours and I STILL haven't done everything. Holy crap.


PC: Oblivion. It's pretty bad vanilla, but once you mod it enough it's a never ending goldmine of fun.
who am i and how did i get in here
DS: Pokemon Heartgold. Nothing can top this, it's easily the best pokemon game so far. I've been playing for 83 hours and I STILL haven't done everything. Holy crap.

I prefer soul silver.



PS2: FF10, FF12

NDS: Pokemon HG, FFIII, IV

GBA: Pokemon FireRed, Ruby, FFIV, V, VI

XBOX360: Phantasy Star Universe, FFXIII

PSP: Phantasy Star Portable, SEGA Gen Collection (PSIV), FFI, II, VII: CC
Dragon Warrior. First RPG I ever played. Kind of matters.
Final Fantasy. Ironically, I never got very far with this. I'd borrowed the Nintendo Power guidebook for the thing at school one day and fallen in love with the concept, but somehow, from the guide, I got the impression you were supposed to get the dynamite before the boat...which meant that I gave up rather quickly because I couldn't find the stuff.

Game Boy:
Borrowed copies of Link's Awakening and Final Fantasy Legend II (SaGa 2) from a friend and enjoyed. Later, found Final Fantasy Adventure (Seiken 1) and FFL I (SaGa 1) and enjoyed. Stopped playing FFA about the third major task because my Game Boy died. (Not the batteries; something in the circuit board inside gave up the ghost on me.)

Super Nintento:
Final Fantasy II. (Yes, Japanumeric individuals, it was called that when I fell in love with it.) Saw the thing from Blockbuster and was so intrigued I rented the game and the SuperNES to play it on. Made most headway during an all-nighter session that ended sometime around the time my parents alarm clock went off.

Final Fantasy III - as above, rented and liked. Never finished it (I could get to the final battle, but on rentals didn't have enough time to beat. I didn't quite catch on to the 'stat boost' side of the Espers).

Super Game Boy. This was a peripheral system for the Super Nintendo that transformed it into a glorified Game Boy emulator. Thanks to this, I was able to finish FFA. Also allowed me to relive my time with Link's Awakening. (LA always felt weird - I'd played a bit of LttP and not having the buttons work the same way was strange.)

Chrono Trigger. Nice, albeit I was confused early on. (I'd somehow picked up the idea that the multiple endings were triggered by how fast you went through the game, a la Metroid. Couldn't figure out why I couldn't go fast enough, and did a panicked restart in the Cathedral upon discovering -after saving- that I'd left the game on all night and had twenty-plus hours of playtime.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Yeah, I know the reputation it has. So what. Short, sweet, and fun.

Secret of Mana (Seiken 2) and Secret of Evermore. I know the utterance of Evermore's likely to draw some dirty looks, but it was a good game if you didn't treat it as something to be held on par with Final Fantasy games. (Despite the appearance of Cecil.)

Tecmo's Secret of the Stars. That's right, an RPG from a company famed for sports games. It was a pretty good game, too.

Game Boy Color: (This probably belongs under Game Boy above, but too bad. )
Pokemon. Still enjoy to this day, albeit in casual mode.

Dragon Warrior 1&2. Dragon Warrior III. Dragon Warrior Monsters. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2. (Seeing a pattern here?)

Playstation: Came to this one late. (Got one used about the third year the PS2 was on the market.)
Time to shock the fanboys. I've only played FF7 once - about five minutes after the introductory dungeon, I gave up on it from boredom. Ditto for FF9.

Lunar: Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue. These are the games that saw the most playage from me on the PS1. Played through both completely, and L:SSS twice. (Need to figure out where I put my L:EB discs...)

I bought this system for one reason. Dragon Quest 8. However, I've since discovered the Suikoden games released for it, so...

As noted above, DQ Swords.

Game Boy Advance:
Dawn of Souls. FF4Advance. FF5Advance. FF6Advance. (Patterns...)

Golden Sun and The Lost Age.

FF3. FFIV Redux.(It's fun seeing the changes.) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. Dragon Quest IV. Dragon Quest V. Dragon Quest IX. (Seeing that pattern again?) Looking forward to Dragon Quest VI and DQM:J2.

Never played FF8 on PS1. Played it to completion on my PC from a set a friend handed off to me. Most enjoyable part? Discovering that Chocobocle (Maxed-out Chocobo summon) breaks damage cap on GFs. Ever beaten a boss with nothing but vegetables?

RM95. I discovered a guy in an add-on fiction group I was part of was experimenting with RM95 to create his own game-driven version of the storylines. Unusual, intriguing, and as he might have put it, 'utterly spoony.' Reffed against almost everything in the SNES list above with his own unique style.

RM2k(3)/RMXP. Current Computer stand. I know 2k(3) better from experience, but I'm interested in seeing what XP can do. If I do it right, the XP games will look like well-done 2k(3) games.
My entire list of owned RPG's. BOLDED were my favorite(s) on that console.

Wasn't into RPGs yet =/....

Final Fantasy 7/8/9, Chrono Trigger (PS Remake), Chrono Cross, FFTactics, Grandia, Digimon World 1/2/3, Monsterseed, Monster Rancher 1/2, Breath of Fire 4, Legend of Mana.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Gold/Silver

Final Fantasy X/X-2/XII, Xenosaga 1/2/3, Wild Arms Alter-F/3/4/5, Suikoden 3/4/5, Grandia 2/Xtreme/3, Atelier Iris 1/2/3, Mana-Khemia 1/2, Ar Tonelico 1/2, Persona 3/4, Tales of Legendia/Abyss, Rogue Galaxy, Jade Cocoon 2, Monster Rancher 3/4/EVO, La Pucelle, Disgaea 1/2, Phantom Brave, Makai Kingdom, Growlanser Generations, Star Ocean 3, Dragon Quest VIII, Kingdom Hearts 1/2, Odin's Sphere.

Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos 1/Origins, Fire Emblem: PoR, PS:Online Episode 1/2

FFTactics Advance, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen.

Digimon World DS, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/HeartGold

World of Warcraft

Disgaea 3, Star Ocean 4, Valkyria Chronicles.

-PC Emulator:
FFVI, Xenogears, Tales of Destiny/Phantasia, Pokemon White, Tales of Hearts
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Man, it's like you guys have never played RPGs of the older generation.. This is rpgs you like right?

NES - Final Fantasy.. Actually that's the only rpg I played for it.

Megadrive/Genesis - Phantasy Star series, Wonder Boy.

SNES - Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana 1&2, Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, Bahamut Lagoon.

Playstation - Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII, IX, Xenogears(It was alright, great battle system though), Star Ocean The Second Story, Guardian's Crusade, Parasite Eve, Tales of Destiny 2, Breath of Fire IV

Playstation 2 - Final Fantasy XII, X, X-2, Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner, Dark Cloud 2, Kingdom Hearts 1&2, Odin's Sphere, Summoner

Xbox - KOTOR 1&2, Jade Empire, Fable, Shenmue II

Xbox 360 - Fable II, Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata, Fallout 3, Mass Effect Series, Tales of Vesperia

PC - Dragon Age Origins, Baldurs Gate series, Diablo II, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Elder Scroll IV Oblivion

Gameboy/Colour/Advance - Golden Sun, Pokemon series, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Riviera The Promised Land, Legacy of Goku II(Honestly couldn't believe I liked this)
I only listed my very faves for each system, not every game I ever liked. That would have taken forever.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I only listed my very faves for each system, not every game I ever liked. That would have taken forever.
I only listed my repertoire of RPGs for each system, not every game I ever liked. That would have taken forever.
SNES: The Legend of Zelda: link to the past
-Yeah. I know it's not an rpg. But this is the first game I ever played so I'm sticking it on here.
Gameboy: Final Fantasy Legend 3
- I never got very far in this game to tell the truth but I was like 9 when I played it.
GBC: Pokemon Crystal
- I had this game before FF Legend 3. This was my first video game of my very own. I loved it.
GBA: Sword of Mana
- One of the first games I ever beat. I loved the class system.
PS1: Wild Arms
- Epic. I didn't play this until I had a PS2. But man is this game awesome.
PS2: Final Fantasy X-2 (way more awesome than X)
Gamecube: FF: Crystal Chronicles (the most beautiful game EVER)
Wii: ...I haven't played any rpgs on the wii.
-It's a tie. I've played lots of others though.

I'm a fourth generation gamer (started with the SNES).
Final fantasy 6 ...I love the job system of ff5, chrono trigger is pretty good, seiken densetsu 3, bahamuth lagoon, terranigma, tales of phantasia, and star ocean were pretty enjoyable too, but yeah, for me nothing compares to the excellent storytelling of ff6.

Ff tactics ...vagrant story as well, and the final fantasys too, suikoden 2 was great, and so was valkyrie profile, star ocean 2, legend of dragoon, xenogears, etc. I played pretty much every other rpg there was on the psx, but these I remember the most.

Suikoden 3 ...The final fantasys had many good things but none was my cup of tea, and the crazy plot twists of star ocean and valkyrie profile managed to alienate me, so I mostly sheltered on the suikoden and xenosaga series, too bad they are virtually over.

Many other games I've dismissed, perhaps hastily, but because I feel rpgs are becoming too "artificial" nowadays, I was just looking at some clips of Star Ocean 4 the other day and I felt sick watching all the crap they managed to pull together... It bothers thought, that maybe I'm really missing some good stuff out there, like the Persona series that I keep hearing is pretty cool; but when I tried persona 3 I putted the control down as soon as the lead character put a 'gun' to his head, yes, I bet there is a meaning to it, but the imagery alone was to emo-anime for my taste/patience.
Tecmo Cup Soccer
This is the most awesome thing ever. Combining football with proper stats and SUPER shots! Zelda 2 was also okay.

PC (early nineties):
King's Quest
I guess this is technically an "adventure game" but the difference between adventure games and roleplaying games in those early days are sort of blurred.

Game Boy:
Sword of Hope
The only reason this is here is because it is the only RPG I played on my Game Boy.
EDIT: GODSDAMMIT There's also Pokémon. And holy shit that's good. It was so late in the machine's life that I had completely forgotten about it.

International Superstar Soccer 2000
Career mode. Technically this was just a graphical adventure but who keeps count?

Final Fantasy 7
Yes I was a fan once.

Final Fantasy 6
Yes I was a fan once.

PC (late nineties):
It's the game of games. A game that is hard to surpass even today. It's insane.

I have not played RPGs on these machines.

PC (2000s):
It's the game of games that almost is as good as Fallout.

I don't remember what handheld RPGs I've played. Yeah I played Golden Sun. But I don't want to put it on a fave list because I didn't like it...
First off, we include action RPGs in this mix I presume.

NES: The Legend of Zelda (I do possess FFI which is more of an RPG, but it's on the FF Origins collection)
GB: Pokémon Gold
SNES: Final Fantasy VI / Chrono Trigger
PS1: Final Fantasy IX
GC: Tales of Symphonia
PS2: Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia / Ar tonelico 2: Melody of Metafalica
GBA: Golden Sun
DS: The World Ends with You
Wii: Muramasa: The Demon Sword (I see RPG elements)
PS3: Borderlands (I see RPG elements)

Of course, there are many more. And many that are close match to each other, but this would possibly be the best alignment.
NES: Dragon Warrior II
SNES: 7th Saga, Final Fantasy III
PSX: Wild ARMS, Lunar
PS2: Final Fantasy XII
DS: Dragon Quest IX
PSP: a shitload of remakes and ports

any console not mentioned I found not worth mentioning
Looks like I need to try The World Ends With You, seems to be on most people's list.
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