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Does anyone know where I can get a monster sprite for VX of a rat with three heads? Like can anyone make one? Or will I have to do it by myself? Can I draw it or will it look totally weird compared to the rest of the game? Too many questions. D: It's the boss of the Marble Forest so it's gotta be pretty BA looking.
I think the best sites you could check are RPG Maker Resource Kit or RPG Maker VX . They have some good resource links. you might be able to find something there.
If you drew your own enemy you would have to draw them all or the art would clash too much. It's actually not nearly as hard as you think to draw your own stuff, but it gets really hard if you're trying to match an existing style not your own.
Maybe you should try out GIMP? You can just copy + paste and rotate the heads until you have something you like, then blur it in a little.
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