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I am not sure this is the right section to ask questions about the forum itself rather than about Rpg Maker, but I couldn't find the appropraite place to post this.

A couple days ago or so, I posted a resource thread in Artistic License & Literature section, which was not the right place, since, as some people made me notice, it wans't art.
I read the RMN Resource Section Details/Help/Request FAQ, where it says the site is divided into resources categories, that I could find a resource tab in my profile(?), that I should tag resources to describe what I'm uploading, and that they'd show up in my submission pannel. I couldn't find any of this.
So, to avoid the submission of unartistic things in the wrong place, would someone point me the right section where to post them?
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We don't really have a place for resources here, but we have a stickied thread in Help & Requests for resource dumps.
Thanks, I'll use that from now on.
I didn't post there because the last reply at the time was from August, but I see it has recently been bumped so I assume necropost rule doesn't apply there.
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