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Mostly I stick to programming and writing, but as I was getting serious with the pixels, I figured I might as well try some composition as well. I played the cello for maybe 8 years, but nothing too formal on theory. Does listening to endless Touhou arranges count as experience? *sigh* But anyway, I downloaded Musagi about a month ago and here's a few things I managed to come up with. I'd love suggestions for improvement in general technique, but also, for those composers out there, how did you start out? This might be something I'll put more time into pursuing...

And the actual music, in reverse chronological order.

ambient_underwood - I'm getting away from Musagi's default instruments and into VSTIs; I can't find very many good ones. Did find a typewriter though.
highly_unresponsive - Named and inspired for Musagi's annoying tendency to randomly jerk around the song as it eats my CPU.
last_yesterday - Pretty standard. Okay melody.
inverted_symbol - Another one I like. Though I'm not aiming for chiptune-ish stuff, it always turned out that way using the default Musagi instruments... Have to watch that in the future...
c64_ugly - I'm not really into chiptune stuff, but something about that C64 slide is just perfect. The sledgehammer-like percussion is not.
derp_scales - Pretty self-explanatory, but it's more interesting than it sounds.
fail_song - Testing the software. babby's first song

I really hate that I always seem to produce music all of one type. It means I can't compose for my own games, as I can't make town music and the like. I don't even know where in an RPG these would go. I tried making some laid-back town stuff, but it turned out too poorly to post. How do I force myself to make stuff in other genres...
I'm no composer, but this stuff is pretty good!
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