Hey all, it's been almost a year since the previous "what are you working on now?" thread was created. Crazy, right? Let's keep it going, but more structured this time.


Are you working on something, but it's not major enough for a blog post? Do you want some feedback on a boss idea or a menu layout? Just feel like sharing a few nifty skills you came up with? Post here!

This topic exists as a place for the stuff you want to discuss/show off, but is not a replacement for a blog. It is also not a screenshot topic. HUD comparison shots or a handful of sprites are appropriate images. That map you just completed is not. Save screenshots for your game profile.

Please don't link to your game in this topic. If you've managed to interest somebody, they can check out what you've done by clicking your name. Remember, you can find out more about a person and their projects by clicking their name.


Me? I'm working on making Karsuman and I's battle system for Harbette (codename for now). You have the Harbinger in one slot and three slots to summon souls into. It's a lot like Diablocide, but with a different form of tanking and equipment management. There's also a lot less homosexuality.
New menus and old menus being re-done. This stuff doesn't really warrant a blog post, I've decided.. but I would like some feedback, because they took more time than I care to admit. They look sorta plain, but I think they have a certain charm that I personally like. What does everyone else think?

Equipment menu: http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/1962/locker/equip.png
Status menu: http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/1962/locker/stats.png

I've also broken ground on a second dungeon finally. Have a general blueprint laid out. Now coming up with puzzles/obstacles to get through.
Figuring out the layout of a .ldb (RM2KX Database) file. It's a good thing I can read some Japanese as someone has a really detailed documentation online about it.. in Japanese.
I didn't want to wake up 40 years old and working a job that I hate.
@Narc - nice menus. The text is a little choppy but you seem to be doing the best with the space you have.

I'm laying down the script and groundwork of the battle system for Reversal (codename-but-really-I-can't-think-of-a-better-one-yet), which is a mini-RPG with a twist that should be the length of one of the LotR movies when it's done.
I've been trying out Yanfly's Battle Melody too - it's surprisingly simple to implement. in VX. I've still got a couple things to tweak though.

I was going to ask about the cruelness of removing a character from the story if he dies in battle, but even while typing the post I think I've decided that's just a little too evil. I may just make him sit out battles for a while but have him come back for the final boss. It's a short game where most party members are optional anyway, but still...
Still ever slowly working on my dungeon crawler (For lack of a better name). I've got a basic story in my head, and I'm currently just mapping and eventing a floor and then adding enemies and their skills as I go. I'd probably get more done in less time if I took less focus off uni and gaming but RMVX is more of a side hobby so meh, whatever.

EDIT: Had a really old vid of an RM2k3 project I had 2 years go that i was gonna post a link to, but google video has done something to it, damn them!
Detailing the characters, working on charsets and tilesets and defining a basic area separation map for my current project. Well alternating between all those tasks actually.
Working on clearing up time to work on my game. I've been swamped lately.
My mind is full of fuck.
Paving Way Of The Dragon: Act I- Knights Of Endor. I properly lost interest already.
Working on Frantix's starting maps, one of them is like a secluded part of a town, then later...some R & D building in the middle of the forest.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Just finishing up a part in Blackmoon Prophecy where six of the main characters are forced into a state of sleep, and you have to guide them through strange nightmare-like scenarios. Overall, it took me twelve minutes to clear on a test play, which isn't too bad.
Workin' on my new bullet system in RMXP currently. It has an ammo bar at the bottom, that can only reload up to the amount of bullets you have, it displays how many bullets you have, and it counts down as you shoot them. Has cool sound effects... And the bullets actually effect the enemies... I'm not good at explaining things by typing so maybe I'll release a demo or something.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Currently working on giving characters in Blackmoon Prophecy a bit more of an identity of their own. This is Vera. For the longest time, she was just a recoloured Rydia. I wanted to make her look at least a little more unique.

Aww, that's cute, UPRC. Did you merge her with Rosa? (Also, glad to see you joined up!)
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Oh, I joined ages ago. I just forgot all about the site for the longest time.

And no, the base sprite is entirely Rydia. I did take Rosa's ponytail, though.
That's what I meant, merging Rosa onto Rydia! Ah, well.


I'm curled up in a sweatshirt and fuzzy pajama pants watching Brothers & Sisters and thinking about tomorrow: I'm going to be setting up a draft of the battle system for Team Cascade's current production, and continuing real work on Harbette (working title), Karsuman and I's game. I have lots of skills to piece together; twelve souls can potentially join up with the Harbinger, each with a unique skillset. Fun, but plenty of work!
Resident foodmonster
Dungeon design for a collaborative project with some of my friends. I have 2 more dungeons to design and I will pass it on for someone else to work on it.
Designing dungeons with thought-provoking puzzles is harder than it sounds.
Writing the part of my graphics engine that has to draw autotiles.

It's a good thing I can read Japanese because the several page document I found is loaded with info.
I'm working on character sprites for a Western Rpg.