As of late I've been experimenting with some open source music software. I've been itching for a chiptune soundtrack for my project although the most I've been able to do is some basic NES-Like sound effects.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Someone shoot me. I never wanted to touch the mission tracker code for UOSSMUD again. But I had to because some asshole (it was me) added an FF10 mission, and it broke the indentation because the realm is four letters long instead of three.

This is maybe 10 lines of useful code and 400 lines of custom indentation. Apparently there's no standard C library for adding terrible ASCII art of Li'l Cactus to the left of your block of text.
Working on:
A) My most complex mission yet, requiring timers and areas that lock off after the player has been there too long (Burning school deal) with rooms containing supplies, enemies, and recruitable characters that can be lost forever.

B) A more complicated than usual character, with a mechanic to start a clock, and the closer it is to noon, the more damage they do/their abilities do. Additional abilities to advance, stop/slow the clock, and character death on reaching noon if they don't control it right. First character that I think will need a tutorial book in the hub for them.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
If you have recruitable characters that can be lost forever, mention it at the top of your game profile so that everyone knows not to play your game.
Considering that a major design decision going in is that you will never be able to get all the characters in one run, nor be able to complete every character's story in one run, given some require the death of other characters, missable recruitables are kind of a required buy in.

Feel free to randomly pick things I mention and declare that should be a glaring warning at the top of my game profile though, because noone should play a game with a mechanic you find objectionable.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I didn't say not to do it. I just said to warn people.

I was exaggerating about "everyone," but I'm 100% serious about giving a warning. It's the kind of thing that some people will not mind, but will prevent other people from ever being able to enjoy the game. You should mention it for the same reason you should mention your game's genre.

The RPG genre is about becoming stronger, and the adventure game genre is about exploring and collecting things, at least to many players. Both genres are also "about" other things, and mean different things to different players, but this is how many players approach them. If people can't actually complete those tasks in your game, then I think that changes the core appeal of your game to something very different than the core appeal that most other RPGs and adventure games have. Your game is therefore for a different audience than your genre tag suggests, and you need to make that very clear to players before they start, or they will feel betrayed when they get to that point in your game.
I agree with pretty much everything said in your post, though right now given that perma-death is not implemented, and all recruitables are available at start in this point in development, it would be improper to include it in the tags. I fully plan to have that be highlighted as a key part along with other major choices.
The joy of manually porting over maps is not lost on me. Thankfully it's not a lot of work, but it's still lots to finish up, and it allows me to review the maps once more to make them look nicer.
Current list of things that I'm working on:

1) Hokkai. 1 more main map to do, as many of you have heard from me, and some side rooms. Optional areas to be put in after main game is done. After that, the final 4 dungeons of the game.
2) Physical/Magic resistance. For those that have seen it in my Help topic, been working on this today, and will probably be working on it tomorrow. Trying to figure out how best to handle it. 15% max for Shields, 20% max for Helmets (if they're similar to Mystery Veil), 12% max for Armor. For a total of 47% for Momiji (80% with Protect) and 32% for everyone else (68% with Protect). Damage Charm/Spell Charm gives Auto-Protect/Auto-Shell, but Auto-Deshell/Deprotect. With the best Physical resistance accessory, which is +20%, this allows Momiji to hit the 100% cap naturally, but there are flipsides to some equipment. For example, the Atlas right now gives -33% Physical damage reduction, but +33% Magic damage taken. I'd like to retain these on equipment, but...not sure if it should be 1 for 1 or if it should be different values for the downside???
3) Characters: Updating Suwako (1 more ability left to do, 1 other to probably update), Sanae (several abilities to update), Koishi (Blue Magic needs revamped), Sakuya (try to make more interesting), Remilia (Update her skills to do more than just...the same things), Youmu (implement Stance skills), Nitori (update Gear Change ability so that it works for her, and update her Water Carpet and Optical Camouflage, and make it so that her Stock abilities cannot be used outside of battle). Probably some others that I forgotten.
4) Enemies: Still need to finish up enemy resistances, Steals, and Bribes for final 3 dungeons, as well as setting up the Morph information for every enemy in the game.
5) Other things such as updating the intro to not be bland and boring, including a tutorial in it, the Perfect Memento which I'd need assistance in doing, dialogue for the rest of the game, a way to learn about characters if the player forgets or needs a reminder (in case Perfect Memento is never implemented), setting up final 3 bosses (need brainstorming).

Quite a few things left before I can wrap up the main game and dive into optional stuff! Getting there though!
Ive spent the past couple of hours playing around with random music generation.
with the idea that I can then generate new overworld music for each world ect.

I have code that will spit out a random midi file but at the moment it has no real pattern.....
Maybe this is just a way to waste a few hours and nothing more
So, been working on the Physical resistance custom coding this entire day, about 1/2-3/4 done with that. Probably not going to even get to Magic resistance today, and not even thinking of the PBlock/MBlock stuff, but they're all coming. Though, I've a bit of a poll of sorts, because just curious on hearing what people have to say.

A) Continue updating characters, work on maps whenever time allows for it.
B) Work on maps and finish them, then work on updating characters.
C) Work on maps and finish main storyline before doing anymore database work.
D) Quit working on the game entirely.

So yeah! Just curious what you guys think I should be doing (since I can be bad about it, as you can tell by how long beta5 is taking to come out due to database overhauling, but it's been for the better!). I also wouldn't mind hearing back from anyone that's actually played the game, even if it's a little, to see how it was back then compared to now. Always interesting to hear.

8 years is such a long time man...zzzzzz...
I'm currently enjoying dealing with Steam Greenlight, and a 75% negative reception.

Well son of a
Once I can tear myself away from Persona 5 (Very difficult, I'll admit, I've been binging on it since Sunday night), I'll see about getting back to Dungeon 4 of Mayhem Maiden.

I've more or less recovered from the semester from hell, so I should see about getting back to making these monster encounters and setting them up.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Once I can tear myself away from Persona 5 (Very difficult, I'll admit, I've been binging on it since Sunday night), I'll see about getting back to Dungeon 4 of Mayhem Maiden.

I've more or less recovered from the semester from hell, so I should see about getting back to making these monster encounters and setting them up.

Oh boy! I'm looking forward to it already. Glad to hear you're not as burned out any more.

Coincidentally, after a lot of stress, I've just finished all my work for university for a while, too. And now, after almost a year of practically no game making, I'm finally getting back into one of my own projects as well.
I'm surprised at how quickly I managed to pick it back up where I left off, despite all the complicated eventing. A little documentation really goes a long way.
Glad to hear you're not as burned out any more.

You have no idea. Not only was I literally trembling with anxiety at the end of that math exam, but I think my central nervous system was legit screwed up for a couple days.

On top of an already tough semester, that last week of nonstop math studies and the exam REALLY pushed me past my limits. x_x I just really hope that I passed it. If so that's the last exam I'll ever have to take.

A little documentation really goes a long way.

Yup. Documentation really helps. I've kicked myself in the past for not doing proper work like that. :s I've lost some really good stuff.
I'm currently enjoying dealing with Steam Greenlight, and a 75% negative reception.

Well son of a

To be honest, that's not very surprising, given the description you chose to go with.

"A Bit of a Little Dinghy is a game about a group of ragtag misfits by the name of Steve, Steve, and Not Steve (her name is Steph), whose town ran out of money, and they decide to go and seek help from the King of Rudrah. However, the King seems to be out, and the Princess decides to use your help instead. With your ship named Steve the Boat, fulfill quests for her as you learn about a world at the brink of war, all in a unique 1-bit aesthetic.

Originally made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 38, with the theme being "A Small World", I've decided to put this up on Steam Greenlight, and if it passes, I will work on an expanded version of the game with at least an expansion pack's worth of additional content, cleaned up plot progression, improved maps, enhanced battle balancing, and everything you expect of an actual game that should be on Steam, rather than a generic asset flip with no originality whatsoever. I'm not promising you that this is going to be the greatest game you've ever played, I'm not promising that it'll be 50+ hours with so many side quests that your head will explode, it's going to be a simple game whose sole purpose is to tell a fairly small story of a fairly small world."

Though, it did get to play the itch.io version yesterday. You can expect a review soon.
Currently working on: Revamping equipment. Right now it's just character-specific armors, which shouldn't take too long to do. Just have to work out what's left to do and that'll be it. Will have to get weapons, armors, and accessories another time, when I have more time to deal with that.

For those who want to see what kind of crazy things I'm up to with that...

*Sun Dress: Status: Absorb Damage: 50%. Bonus: Party starts battle with Absorb Damage: 20%. Lv2 abilities. (Yuuka only)
*Beauty of Nature: +250 ATK, +125 DEF, +25 MAG, +30 SPD. Half MP Cost. Bonus: 25% chance to halve all damage received. Lv3 abilities. (Yuuka only)
*Noble's Dress: Resist: Null Absorb. Bonus: Ignore most enemy's buffs, such as Shield. Lv2 abilities (Remilia only)
*Devlish Fate: Bonus: While HP is above 50% Max HP, party gains Auto-Regen and Auto-MP Regen. Lv3 abilities (Remilia only)
*Regal Shirt: Bonus: When KO'd restores 50% Max MP to all allies except anyone KO'd (Mokou only)
*Assassin Princess: Party starts with Auto-Life. Bonus: When KO'd, revives all KO'd allies fully. Lv3 Sacrifice (Mokou only)
*Bronze Bangle: PBlock +4% (Advent Cirno only)
*Minerva's Armlet: Resist: Null Fire/Ice/Holy/Gravity. MBlock +20%. Doubles power of Boost (Advent Cirno only)
*Ziedrich: +20 ATK, +100 DEF, +20 MAG. Resist: Halves all damage. Doubles power of Boost (Advent Cirno only)
*Mountain Protector: Bonus: Reduces party's elemental weaknesses by 50%. PBlock +33%. Status: SOS Protect. (Suwako only)
*Faithful Aura: Party begins the battle with Regen/MP Regen/Protect/Shell. Lv2 abilities (Suwako only)
*Mishaguji's Scourge: +200 ATK/DEF/MAG, +50 SPD. Bonus: Enemies take 50% more damage from elemental attacks. When KO'd, deals damage to all enemies equal to 4x the damage of a conventional attack. Lv3 abilities (Suwako only)
*Gospel Robes: Immunity: -100% Cursed, Doom, Zombie, Disease to the party. Bonus: Increases healing potency by 25% to the party. Lv2 Faith (Sanae only)
*Cleric's Robes: Omikuji+ Lv2. Bonus: 5% chance every turn to restore 500 HP to the paryty. Lv2 Recover (Sanae only)
*Diviner's Robes: Bonus: Enemies take 50% more damage from Holy-elemental attacks. Lv3 abilities (Sanae only)
*Nirvana: Bonus: While a character's HP is below 25% Max HP, low chance to completely block attacks. Omikuji+ Lv3. Lv3 abilities (Sanae only)
*Hellfire Mantle: Resist: Halves Ice, Absorb Fire to party. Bonus: Enemies take 50% more damage from Fire-elemental attacks. Lv2 Kamikaze (Utsuho only)
*Galaxia Neutron: Bonus: Instantly defeats all weak enemies at the start of battle (20 levels or lower than Utsuho). PBlock +15%, MBlock +10%. Lv3 Kamikaze (Utsuho only)
*Philosopher's Robes: Increases chance-based abilities by 50%. Lv2 passive (Keine only)
*Master Tactician: Bonus: Doubles item drop. Lv3 passive (Keine only)

Lots of crazy things as you can see, but in all honesty, I think it'll be fine. There's honestly crazier things than those already in, though I need to rework my synthesis shop still. Which is going to be a thing.

Still got maps to do too, and characters to update. But once all 3 of these are done? That's it! Pretty much nearing the end!
met up with my friends and we did a bunch of work on the card game. one of the major changes is that we're going digital. we also came up with plans to put the project into overdrive. We're shooting for 5 packs on release date at 100 unique cards per pack. we're currently figuring out what deck types are going to be in the game... as of right now we have 5.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I probably spent waaaaay to much time on implementing this menu. I mean, the only option that actually works is the first one!

But, it still works, as a concept!

*Edit: It's unfortunate I couldn't work on this while the jam was actually happening, though.

AHHHHH!!! This took me a better part of an hour or so to figure out. What is this, you ask? Me messing around with enemy resistances, via the ResistCondition plugin. Lemme break it down:

1) In the first screenshot, I have all my equipment and such that affects the enemy's elements (in this case, all I have is if Suwako has her ultimate armor on, which increases all elemental damage on all enemies by 50%. I'll have to check this for if the values are 0 or less though to make sure it doesn't screw things up. Anyone willing to give a quick hand on the coding for that?). Once all that's done, it checks for every enemy's initial attributes before calling the coding for the changes, which is in screenshot 2. This is all done in the Start Battle Events common event, ran on Turn 0 as the first thing.

2) In the second screenshot, it checks for all changes from the first screenshot, then adds them together with all variables of that type. For example, Variables 2975 to 2982 are each enemy's individual Fire elemental resistance. If there were any specific equipment that increased that value, it would increase all of those values here. If anything increased ALL elemental weaknesses, such as Suwako's armor, then it would check that first thing before changing the resists. I'm pretty sure its in here that I have to check for if an enemy's default attribute is 0 or less to not increase it, yes??

So yay! So far, so good! Means I can have abilities that actually affect enemy resistances now! Assuming I have enough battle events, that is...