I think the absence of the plant is the least of your worries.

You really need to fix that road tile man. :\

Is anyone else getting a Chairmandrek vibe from this guy?

Haha, sorry but I will not be treated as a failure here thank you very much.

Fix, the road tile you say? I have an idea.
Your mom is a hero
he wasn't a failure - he was just an obstinate moron with a persecution complex and penchant for insulting those who offered earnest help.
Infection guy, here:

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Lol, wasn't trying to be real offensive, but he did the same thing here.
Posted screenshots in need of work, one after another, then tried to defend his work.

Hopefully you'll learn and become better! :D

Much better Raekwon! now it looks much nicer!
I didn't defend my work, I defended this is the first time I am using XP. I also have attempted editation of my road tile or what whatever you call it. I was trying to go for a sidewalk, but I guess they are the same thing.

Edit: Thank ya much.

Any other suggestion other than the second plant in the window?
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Any other suggestion other than the second plant in the window?

The house in the upper right hand corner, the sand/lighter grass should be less square around the house.
make it more jagged? or make a fence around it, just looks weird with the squareness of the grass.

How's that?
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
lol, I would definitely change those weather vanes to an actual fence.

and again, now that flooring around the house looks too square. doesn't fit amongst the grass.
i know it's hard to make stuff not square in these editors, because let's face it, it's 2D.
but when it stands out so bad, it is really unappealing to the eye and the overall map.

maybe try using the road tiles to make a path up to the house, and then surround the house with the road tile?
i don't know, but as it stands it looks worse. :\
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
It still needs improving, but much better than before.
just gotta' get the hang of the editor and how everything works.

like maybe make edges for the water, so it isn't just a square batch of water sitting there.
and you see above the doors? you still have grass up there, which i'm guessing that the doors are on the second layer and that goes over the first layer, so what you need to do is fill that spot in so there isn't grass up there!

Also, if you wouldn't mind, instead of posting the picture outright, could you use the command please?
place the image url in between the
so that way we can look at it without it taking all the space up on the screen.

This should do it.
Your mom is a hero
this particular discussion should probably have been in a separate help & request thread. It's a bit of a tangent here.

(I was going to say it should have been a blog post, but I see that you don't have a gameprofile Raekwon)
Yeah, I haven't submitted any games yet.
D&D 4E Ruleset
No customization, pre-determined characters and stats.
'Tactical' Battle System
Four Hero Travelling Size, more than Four available.

2h Fighter, Sword/Board Fighter-Caster, Armored Caster, Ranged Physical, Rogue-like, Rogue-Caster, Robe Caster

'Elder Scrolls' style beginning. Phase2 Opener but quickly revert to Phase1 Story.

Beginning of Phase 1:
FB1-Outside of school, weapons training. Quick tutorial on Combat.
FB2-Inside of school, classroom. Hero is shown as enthusiastic. Quick tutorial on Base Stats and Skills.
FB3-Outside Hero's home, as a child playing. Father and Mother watching from a far, discussing future.
FB4-Inside Hero's home, older than FB3. Parents are gone, child is left with uncle. Demonstrate hero's resolve in some way.
FB5-Center of Town, 'Celebration' for Hero's graduation. Parents can be seen hidden in the background. Hero never takes notice.
FB6-At the exit of town, hero is shown packed up and ready to leave. Much older, he is attempting to use his martial skills as a sellsword or soldier in a bigger city.
Middle of Phase 1:
End of Phase 1:

Beginning of Phase 2: Awaken on a boat at Sea, not under lock and key or anything. You know who you are, but not why you are there. Amicable reception from sailors, no information divulged. Captain is locked in his quarters. Arrive at your hometown, Captain sees you off his boat (not happy.) While exploring town, 'Flash Backs' to the Beginning of Phase 1.
Middle of Phase 2:
End of Phase 2:

Beginning of Phase 3:
Middle of Phase 3:
End of Phase 3: Hero returns to his hometown, triumphant. Only to find the new ruler has destroyed it.

This is what I am working on. It is literally just brainstorming and piecing together of some sort of plot elements of some kind. I find it helps to have an outline before starting to flesh out any major ideas.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I keep making (crappy) outdoor maps for my friend's game because I can't find the motivation to work on my own. The fact that I have no enemy or character graphics is not helping. And Atoa's battle system needs them in a weird format so I'm probably going to have to do a lot of them myself, if not all. Ugh.

And doing them myself is a pain in the ass because I can't find a photoshop torrent that isn't a virus.
prexus, that sounds super awesome! I love the D&D 4e ruleset! So is it going to be a custom system that plays out like FFT style? The at-will/encounter/daily system of spells would work really well I think.

But, are you going to maybe make encounter powers have a cooldown instead and make dailies once per battle? It seems like the concept of a 'day' would be a little lost in a tactics game. I'm just curious about your thought process :D Keep us informed!

I constantly pull out the 4e PHB for ideas and stuff when I'm designing games; it's a great tool for brainstorming.

And your story points sound interesting so far.
My mind is full of fuck.
Margellion- Vadilian Legacy Vol I (Oh noes Legacy in the title, omg!)

Working on in-game trailer for it. Just a intro. But properly not, and it's just the intro. But no special epic starting intro or anything.

Have to remove some projects that ain't worth in my sights to make sure for better ideas. SOLDIER is a lost cause, but i don't know when I get back too it, Suikoden/Legion Saga saga clone, but it ain't that impressive.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
halp I fail at pixelling heads.

for secret gam
that looks pretty good honestly

i keep looking real close at the head for some kind of flaw but i guess i don't have the mind of a spriter