I decided to throw a mini-dungeon after the six minutes long intro of my game, so people can have some control of the character and learn some basic stuff.
(And so they can save the game, close it, and forget about it for months to come) x)
I decided to throw a mini-dungeon after the six minutes long intro of my game, so people can have some of control of the character and learn some basic stuff.
(And so they can save the game, close it, and forget about it for months to come) x)

Brilliant! I had to do the same thing.

Currently working on: Adding a "slummy part of the city" dungeon. It's been interesting so far...
I just found out my evented modified DBS is bugging for reasons so hard to detect that I'm starting to believe it's an engine bug.

I have a formula that calculates a variable DAMAGE.
That I have hero HP subtract DAMAGE.

The damage caused on the hero is a "random" number, not the value of the variable. Absolutely no idea why.

-> Trying to fix a weird bug.
*phew* (I'll probably do some more work, but, for now, I just feel like taking a small break and post what I've done thus far, today:)

I typed about 4 cutscenes for my infamous "Stock Ticker" game. Three of them were really quick and just had to deal with the additional boss battles that you can fight in some point in the game. The other one had to do with showcasing more of a personal background on one of the many antagonists in the game, Vladimir ‘Nuclear Sub‘ Simonovich. He apparently shows a side I have never seen before since I started typing this thing since February, until now, where he goes -- quite -- insane after reminiscing about his past when he was just a child living in Mother Russia and what he recently did when he had to kill a innocent old man who might have known the location to the main objective of the villain’s plan, but he didn‘t. His partner, and wife, wanted him to spare his life and let him go, but since any evidence of their well-being needed to be destroyed in order for their mission to shut down the Stock Market again to be a success and without any hitches, he needed to die.

Oh, and I’m working on some more pages for Monopolo! I’m also thinking of playing it, again, sometime tonight! It’s been awhile since I last played it.

So…yeah! Pretty productive day for me.
My mind is full of fuck.
A random game, Revelation Chronicles. Some random war scenes, something about a
some prince Jorhan protecting his kingdom, something about "bad guys" wanting this so called "thing" that this guy wants, intro ends in some suicidal climax, Jorhan and some chick "main lead?" disappears out nowhere, escapes properly. Apparently, the game starts off mostly in battle form, takes awhile. Castle "Guenda" gets attacked by a Gias Kingdom lead by a dude named "Mazier".

It's not going anywhere though, tucking it away, I want more work on kingdom frontiers and dreamwalker.
Been working on an old RM2k3 game called Tales of Falonia. Im redesigning most of the DBS edits as well as the aesthetics of the game. The good thing is that with the mods available to RM2k3 I can fully create some of the features that were half assed 4 years ago.

I remember that old Tales Of Falonia! Vaguely, but I do remember it from along time ago. It's good to hear your still going at it on that game.

Break day today. Played some Monopolo and attending to work on wrapping up the remaining cutscenes all of next week. Lol, I just spent yesterday reading over a couple of the "highlighted" scenes (such as the Radluck & Lita scene & Deputy Samuels going nuts) and having a good time just doing some editing. Yeah...
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Working on a story, but I might do some spriting after I finish this tidbit. I've taken enough of a break to ensure optimal working levels.
My mind is full of fuck.
Story of Ligara: Genesis or Genesis: Story of Ligara.

Working on Erian Mines, on a Job hunt where you have to rescue children from bandits, and on the way, also a beast called Endoleash,which is also a job hunt. But it's not related to bandit job hunt in anyway. But in the same place, but different location. SLIIIIDERS. jk. The main story kicks straight in when you choose the fourth Job hunt.
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Sounds cool benos, I like "jobs" "hunts" in games, especially when it draws you into a bigger story!
And I like the sound of Genesis: Story of Ligara better than the former, the "Genesis" series sounds much better than the "Story of Ligara" series, if you ever plan offshoots or sequels.
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I'm mulling over an idea for a point'n'click game, where you play as a Team-Captin character during the Power Surge that changed the world into a superhero filled society.
I kind of want to do it about Mack Acuman because he is just film noir detective. On the other hand, Belt Thunder would be hilarious too! He could aquire the super power "Magic Hand" which is basically he controls a point and click style mouse icon... I am leaning towards Belt Thunder since he's the world's main character and he's the funniest guy in the roster.
My mind is full of fuck.
Uploading a demo now here to megaupload, Story of Ligara is in status: denied process, due to replacing the whole Dendri game that was there before. And properly needs to be checked so it can be accessed on the site:

http://rpgmaker.net/games/2698/ Properly isn't on yet.

Download link won't be up yet. Just need to upload all charsets and crap that would be missing.

If your wondering, some place called Argonis Forest isn't finished, so ignore that place.
Hmmmmm...just completed a 3rd bonus ending cutscene which explains a little more on the upcoming plot devices for Stock Ticker 2 and 3 (yeah, it's going to be a trilogy). I'm a little worried about what I wrote for that scene (even though it's pretty good) but a lot of the events were…‘kinda’ borrowed a bit from Vision Of Escaflowne's very own plot devices towards the end of the show... Ehhhhh...maybe that's not all a BAD thing, considering most people won't probably see this scene since you need to collect all 101% of everything in this game to unlock it -- and defeat Regular Vlad & Super Vlad, as well.

Tonight, working on updating Sugar & The Aquatic Adventures Of Scuba Steve's OST's. I keep putting it off, but I think it's hightime to update these tracks. Music hunting we will go!!!

Soon...my story will be complete...soon... :D (Over 937 pages of dialogue!? God damn!!!)
The last time I touched TOF was 3 years ago, I have since gotten a new lap top and no longer have the current files for the game, thus I have to start over from a dated Battle Demo that was floating around the web. *Headshot*. Anyways Ive made some mapping progress, and enclosed is a look at the old map three years ago, and the new map today.


(Note: I messed up the with shadows, I am now making them all picture based as opposed to event, this was a dumb idea I had three hours ago.)

My mind is full of fuck.
Hopefully Ligara is approved to this site soon, I changed everything from the "Denied" one.

Small Demo Download Link, so It can be put in the rpgmaker.net download section of it soon enough.

Everything should be put into place.

(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Finally got to download something you did Benos (after my vain attempts at S.O.L.D.I.E.R.)! Curious to see your work.
Resident Nonexistence
De-redifying and de-glarifying the first level of my game, editing scripts so you can't grab health through the walls of a secret spot in the second level, modifying AI placement as to make it difficult, but not too difficult.

Stuck some new screenshots of the first level in its new state on the site.. and toying a bit with the lighting on the second. Probably will add sound effects to the second level were they need to be..

Third level under planning stages as well as build 1.211
My mind is full of fuck.
Finally got to download something you did Benos (after my vain attempts at S.O.L.D.I.E.R.)! Curious to see your work.

Tell me what you think. The demo has only one hunt, so don't worry about the others. Though, this doesn't really get into the main plotline. Remember to check for any bugs, some of the stuff is unfinished. Also talk to people twice in the bar, much more interesting if you do.

SPOILER Only choose the first mission.....because the other hunts would be accepted in the item section, when there's no mission to go too
Putting together the first in a group of 'mini' games, just little somethings for me to practice with and maybe get some feedback from. I wouldn't expect much from them besides one or two quests, but hey! aim for about an hour or two's fun from them all!
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
ok, sure and i'll remember that.