Just finished up adding two new room types!

Freebie Rooms - contain a small chest with a consumable item like food or a potion.
Armory Rooms - contain two weapon stands from which you can choose one weapon.

I'm thinking every region I generate will have a chance of 0-2 freebie rooms, and always exactly one armory room. I wanted to make sure players get some choice with their equipment so each armory room gives you two weapons to choose from. The weapons are randomly generated when the game starts, and I made sure that the weapons are always ones you haven't seen yet that playthrough, and that each armory's pair of weapons are very different (you won't get two weapons that inflict the same conditions or have the same target scheme, etc).

I also had to add in the ability to throw away extra items when your inventory or weapon slots are full, which took all of yesterday, but it totally works now!
Coding in abilities that nobody will probably use, heck yeah! Because why not!? Making something that only affects regular attacks when regular attacks suck so much is the way to go! Though I guess since I have DynRPG and the David/Goliath Patch, I COULD make enemies ATK go as high as I want (up to 9999), except I have to deal with my Arithmetician's skills that deal with the monster's ATK. Formulas! Ugh...

And best part? After I get the two common events done for Evade Up (for all 30 something characters that needs it), I need to do the same thing for Mystic Armor Bless, so that's about 3-4 more days worth of work! Though at least THAT ability will be used far more than Evade Up...and then I still have Lv? Death to code in, as well as my Gadgeteer skill that works as a random Gravity spell on all enemies and allies, etc. So much coding! I just wanna move on with the story but can't because I don't want to come back and fix up 300+ monster groups for one little thing! @_@;;

God I wish I had beastly mappers right about now to get the mapping going while I database drone away. ;__;
Just finished my custom menu interface. I'm really liking how the concept turned out. You can use the arrow keys for almost all of the navigation. Its simple, not overbearing, and looks good. I'm quite happy with it right now.
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Welp I started yet another project in XNA. For a long time I've had an urge to make a game that's reminiscent of Majora's Mask's themes and style but with my own twist and it won't actually be a zelda game. This will be in 2d of course but without the restriction of tilesets I am hoping to go beyond the bounds of what the 2d games had going for them. I've been progressively getting further with each project I attempt and hopefully this time I will at least reach a demo. I have some ideas on how the combat system will work so I am currently working on player controls.
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I've been doing some playtesting and bugfixing while waiting for the Release Something deadline. I've pretty much finished up all I wanted to do for my revised demo, outside of rebalancing enemy stats for multiple difficulty levels, which can now be changed on the fly instead of being locked in at the start. The challenge is kinda odd right now--the Hard mode feels more "right" to me than Normal does, even though I never intended Catharsis to be a hard game at all, haha.

I also gave Remember the Milk a second chance after dropping it years ago. Turns out it's helping me get a lot of shit done regarding gam mak! :D
One of the 12 projects that I intended to do that I mentioned a while back was a collection of my levels I've made for SMBX. Well, Nu Supra Mairo Bors will be a game that takes the gimmicks and level ideas I've made in the past into a "new" game in SMBX.

I am now just trying to compile the list of levels I've done for Mario vs the Moon Base, Super Doki Doki World, Mario's Mansion 1 & 2, Castles - Masterpiece Set, and Super RMN Bros 1 & 2 & 3 & World!
is it going to be a credible successor to this masterpiece?

I'm fucking around with stencyl, atm. haxe is an interesting language, but I've never actually sat down and learned a legit programming language before so I'm kind of fumbling right now. I'd like to graduate completely from stencyl's drag-and-drop setup within the month, though -- while it's nice for keeping things ordered, it's kind of basic and slow and that necessitates a lot of weird workarounds for more complex stuff.

it's kind of ridiculous at this point, anyway, but it should be a decent gateway into other kinds of programming. as bad as I am at teamwork, I gotta learn to code sooner or later.
I'm about to nix my idea for a new game (and work therein), and try the other idea I had.
My mind is full of fuck.
Putting new animations in my game now, and not having to overuse the default animations all the time.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Writing descriptions for my characters. I feel like I'm actually exploring the personalities of my little pawns for once!
Debating in my head whether I should build a world and then a story around it or that I should make a story and build a world around that.

I have a bit of both, but I put more effort into my tilesets than anything.
I added the ability to have a battle sidekick!
Still working in the database after nearly 3 months of work. Got all of my battle events organized so that I have two Turns Elapsed x1 pages that holds most of my coding for shorter events. I saved roughly 24 battle event pages by doing this method alone, meaning I can actually make the temporary characters optional in the post-game if I so desire now. Still trying to come up with character battle passives and overworld abilities, as well as equipment abilities. Not easy, and I need more brainstorming power for it! @_@;;

Currently working on Mystic Armor Elemental Bless, which is almost 50% done as it is. I'm blazing through it somehow...even though I did say originally there wasn't going to be any resistances towards the element as it was supposed to be unchangeable. Oh well, having one ability that does it isn't bad at least!

So yeah, anyone up for brainstorming with me for ideas? I can totally use it as not always are my ideas the best of ideas. ^^;;
Making some basic battle graphics so I can start coding my battle system next week. Proving hard to get the feel right
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Making a map for a town, then making the inside maps
for the houses (both of these involve making a set
of what tilesets I want to use, so I play around
in the database for a while.)

After creating maps, I make the transfer events,
and play test the transfer events to make sure each one

Then I might make some townsfolk, shopprocessing,
which will need to be playtested as well.

I also have a place where you can receive extra quests
in the town, which means creating the quests, and
control switches for each quest. After which each quest
needs to be playtested

After all that is finished I can go on to the main event
which will allow the player to continue the story.

All this for a town (Is it me, or do others find towns more
complicated to make than dungeons?)
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I think people will put more effort into what they care more about. So people who care more about story than gameplay will complicate their towns more than their dungeons.
Man, it has been so long since I have done any mapping at all. Now, my inspiration is so dry that I don't even know what to put in a school's principal office. O.O
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Illicit photos of his students?
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Illicit photos of his students?

solos collectors on purpose
I've been rewriting the comments for ziifee's save system script with the help of Google Translate. Although it only shows the first four characters in the party right now, I've been thinking about switching over to it. It lets me title the saves according to chapters in the story! <3

Also, I finally made some progress with the second dungeon in my game. Finally finished all of its introductory cutscenes and shit, woo
I wish it didn't take months, but...writer's block + prison level = gotta move on sometime