You know, I'm really questioning my kid self having so much trouble with these ice puzzles.

In their basic form, it's nothing more than "do you go left, or right?", make educated guesses until you solve it.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just looked up the first icey path puzzle from pokemon and HOLY SHIT. So many bounces. Off the wall. Of the same blocks multiple times. No WONDER I had trouble as a kid. My current puzzles are nowhere NEAR that tricky. ;_;
who could forget dear ratboy

Boats. Working on boats.
Working on fixing a nasty glitch that arose because I think I may been developing on a build that was backed up several days before the main build and never noticed until now... and some stuff that I assumed I had put in the game wasn't there. It's nothing major, but now I have to redo a whole ten minute segment of the game.

Gahhh, and I was so close to being done.
*drags self away from Starbound to get back to work*

Hooh, learning new techniques for making those slidey puzzles! Some of these are just downright devious. In fact one of the optional ones is kinda just plain mean. XD

There's gonna be 4 main maps for this dungeon, and 2 are done.

In fact, I think I'm going to throw a curveball in the other maps, and possibly tie it to a miniboss if the player wants to get rid of it. Neversilent tells me that an optional miniboss of some kind in each dungeon would be fun, and I'm already KINDA doing that (the mostly-optional Wailing Bells in Dungeon 1, the Mummies in Dungeon 3).

Well, I'll just have to see if it works and is actually fun.

See video description for more information. Basically just testing this kind of sprite resizing. It's blurry, yeah, but it's not all garbled up. Hmm...
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
I've got more tiger-folk I need to make to show that my tiger-gal in an upcoming project isn't the only of her type. My current avatar (at the time of this posting) is an example of such.

EDIT: Also uploaded her sprite sheet, but it's awaiting approval here.

Working on battle backgrounds. Still a very rough work in progress.
A new animation for one of Dustin's many Scrapskillz™
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Back in the recesses of my head, I'm recalling a thread where somebody was asking questions about vehicles and transfer events in VX Ace. I don't recall who posted this thread, or when it occurred. However, our McBacon3 game might need to transfer players between a vehicle on a world map, and the vehicle's bridge (or crew quarters).

For what it's worth, I've made an initial theory-testing project. The theory being that there's a parallel-process event that checks to see if the player has pressed the B button, and riding the vehicle. At which point, variables would store the party's location, the party would disembark, and a transfer event would occur. All of that worked, except for the whole "disembark" part!

To say nothing about the processing that takes the place when players go back to the world map! One headache at a time, thank you very much!

See this map? You'll see this 4 times. You cannot go any further in the hallways due to a barrier. That's my cop out. Yes, I'm copping out of doing the rest of the mansion. I already got the main pocket dimension rooms done, and there will be the 4-5 rooms for the treasures, but the rest of the mansion? Won't be mapped. I don't see any need to do so, mostly because there's nothing else to put in there that's relevant to the dungeon. So...gonna do this. Is this lazy?? Probably yeah, but...well...I don't need this to be Scarlet Devil Mansion 2.0. Very bland hallways, I'm aware too, but I'm not too worried about this.

Don't worry, whenever I get around to it, I'll have a much MUCH better screenshot later on, whenever I start doing Hokkai. THAT should be fun. Unless anyone has ideas for the rest of this mansion without it being super big or having a lot of rooms? Eh...it should be fine as it is. I still need to fix up a couple bosses too (as mentioned in my Help thread, still got PC-98 Marisa to revamp completely since she's bleh. Still got Death's special Doom coding to do, and still got Fire Magic Stone to deal with. THAT one is hard only because I don't know what to do with its gimmick and abilities. You see, it attacks the party with a bunch of FIRE attacks *gasp!*, but...in doing so, it hurts itself too. It has another boss with it (Kotohime) who primarily uses Mystic-elemental attacks and healing, and if the stone dies before her, she has Full-Life to revive it. In addition, she has Renew I believe to heal 9999 HP. So the objective is to defeat her first, then defeat the stone. The problem is...how much damage should each ability do to the stone, or if there should be other gimmicks with the stone as well?)
We finally finished this (256 priorities, bridge collision) and now I have to write a looong tutorial + video to clearly state how to use it... :(

256? Limit should be 255.
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More Might be Magic progress/notes from me:

I've got a (very basic) fast travel system, and we might not need to mess with transfer events and vehicles! Though, I'm not exactly happy with the screen going black when the menu for fast travel comes up. Not sure what's up with that yet, since it's almost an exact copy of the processing in Okiku. I probably shouldn't be too worried about this, though.

Also, I'm noticing some weird formatting with the dialog for the shopkeeper. We're using modern algebra's paragraph formatting script, and, as far as I can tell, it's unmodified. Yet, the text was aligned to the right (as opposed to the left), and putting all the text on one line did not provide automatic word-wrapping like it's supposed to. I'm not sure what's going on there, either, but, it does seem fixable the via formatting codes that comes with the script.
Not really game-related, but working on pixel parallaxes again. I hope to go commercial with my resource packs one day.

Still a WIP.
You should, Luchino. Its nice and clean.

Breathtaking sounds more accurate.
A new animation for one of Dustin's many Scrapskillz™

So good. I love the simple, effective grid you're using for your battles. It's a system I've long wanted to use (except I'm too dumb to do anything useful) and the animations you're using are so great.

This .gif gave me trouble again, though. Your original post was blank, and I had to quote/copy/paste to see the url for the gif, and even then it didn't work until I did it twice.

I recently finished a multi-party battle in Evoker. By ye gods it took a long time to get working. You select a single party to complete a dungeon, then form two more to help them defend a city against an enemy attack.

Nothing flashy, but it works as intended and is bug-free so far. You can select up to three parties at some points, although here you're only forming one. There is room for three rows of eight characters each, and by the end of the game (assuming anyone bothers to find the hidden and optional characters), all the slots will be filled.

Put the dog in its own group.

Dog is the hero we need right now.