my name is craze and i am working on a game that definitely isn't etrian odyssey! it's different because instead of five people in the dungeon, there are sixteen people. that might sound like too many, because it is. it's going to be terrible. you can, however, equip headbands, which i think makes up for a lot of the problems

I want this.

(/Massive EO fanboy)

I think I should make the highlights brighter? In motion:

I would make them little more saturated. This way, they are darker than the background and it makes a strange effect of the sprite being less important.
Make the whole sprite more saturated or just the highlights?


I've added quest descriptions to the quest menu I've been working on. They took me much longer to produce that they should've done, but I've been being lazy. Just need to decide what I want to do once a quest is completed. Probably a small summary and a list of the quest rewards?

So many pictures used. I'm going to assume your picture folder is going to be massively huge. @_@
Not really. It's only 2 MB at the moment.
The whole sprite.
Engineering to infinity!
Along with a lot of clean up and bug fixing, I made water reflections.

It looks little strange without an actual clouds overlay. More like steam than reflection. Also, with clouds fast as these, there would be no reflection, wind would chase the surface.
Still trying to track down why one of my characters goes from maximum to zero of her personal resource stack (her Hate Levels) when she dies.

I tagged it as a permastate, It's not popping up in the "Every Turn" event...

Bah. Maybe this weekend I'll get back to it. It's my last week of work and it's mentally exhausting. -_-
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Not a game, but I'm working on issue 3 of Holmes vs Moriarty!
I have nothing significant to contribute except to say that your Watson owns
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
I love drawing Watson.
To be honest, I didn't want to continue after HvM2, but then the writer and I talked, and we ended up giving Watson a full 12 page story with the hipster Red Headed Gang, and introduced Mary into the mix. It was a great relief, because I hate the same ol' shtick of Holmes and Moriarty's Spy vs Spy nod. It was fine for a while, but we needed a new hook or I was out.
Watson is great fun to draw and is going to have a lot of funny moments this story. Almost Felix the Cat in nature.
I 've been messing about with mapping a little. I'm really bad at it but I did figure out how to make it so you can go in front of and behind objects without a bunch of events.
AceOfAces >> Like Cap_H said, it looks more like steam.
It might be better to start with some kind gif which shows some kind of real water reflections (or from a professional game) and guess how to reproduce it.

Chilly-Pheese-Steak >> Looks good ! :)

On my side, for my wolfenstein rpgmaker cross engine, I solved the blurry effect on my sprites

with xBRZ, but I think the rest is too blury to produce a nice effect.
Chilly that is looking so cute.
Really hope you can move in 8 directions for the oblique angle though!
Thanks ! :)
The engine is based on Wolf4sdl so you can move in all directions.

The Wolfenstein and rpgmaker are "glued" together with Dynrpg. Basically I want to be able to create elder scroll arena / ultima underworld type games.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Nearly got the first of three acts in my RPG completed. Just need to event a mini-boss battle, add some back-tracking to the main boss of Act 1, and that'll be the first third of the game finished. =D Will post screencaps in a reply to the Screenshots thread here.

EDIT: Here's a link to it.
A little bit of messing with VXA Luna Engine.