My detication to doing as little mapping as possible is going goooood

Why have cool NPCs to talk to when you can just do business and get kicked out immediately

This is LOVELY. I like it.

I also like that the character involved is the Pirate. Her sprite and face are neat.
i've been making some unlockable costumes for my cool robot son

aw those are some nice sprites! ;o;

Working on some minor changes to my current project before I threaten politely ask a friend to beta test it. Working on the message box for now and having trouble deciding between these two. I'm leaning more towards the right one as it gives more room for text. But it does mean that I'll have to rework the entire script to accommodate three lines of text.
I'd definitely choose the second one. It looks better, in my opinion, and I can't imagine having to limit myself to only two lines of text.
I didn't want to wake up 40 years old and working a job that I hate.

Working on the cutscene/story scenes for a little RPG. It's coming along really well!
@slash: Soon we'll replace our instant messaging habits with fictional ones.

Programming some test puzzles though the game isn't really about puzzles. It just so happens that they're the best distractions/variety I can come up with.

I'm also discovering that this is just a truth table yet there's no mention of this sort of stuff in game design articles, maybe there's another term for it? I see it all the time in games though. I wish there was just a glossary of puzzle "types".
I've just uploaded a demo for my latest game Every Vote Counts. If anyone could play through it and let me know if the degree of hand-holding is about right, I'd appreciate it. Once I know that this is fine, I'll continue with my progress.

It's quite long for a demo. Just short of three hours if battles are included.