My detication to doing as little mapping as possible is going goooood

Why have cool NPCs to talk to when you can just do business and get kicked out immediately

This is LOVELY. I like it.

I also like that the character involved is the Pirate. Her sprite and face are neat.
i've been making some unlockable costumes for my cool robot son

aw those are some nice sprites! ;o;

Working on some minor changes to my current project before I threaten politely ask a friend to beta test it. Working on the message box for now and having trouble deciding between these two. I'm leaning more towards the right one as it gives more room for text. But it does mean that I'll have to rework the entire script to accommodate three lines of text.
I'd definitely choose the second one. It looks better, in my opinion, and I can't imagine having to limit myself to only two lines of text.

Working on the cutscene/story scenes for a little RPG. It's coming along really well!
@slash: Soon we'll replace our instant messaging habits with fictional ones.

Programming some test puzzles though the game isn't really about puzzles. It just so happens that they're the best distractions/variety I can come up with.

I'm also discovering that this is just a truth table yet there's no mention of this sort of stuff in game design articles, maybe there's another term for it? I see it all the time in games though. I wish there was just a glossary of puzzle "types".
I've just uploaded a demo for my latest game Every Vote Counts. If anyone could play through it and let me know if the degree of hand-holding is about right, I'd appreciate it. Once I know that this is fine, I'll continue with my progress.

It's quite long for a demo. Just short of three hours if battles are included.
I finished work on an item upgrade system a few days ago:

Currently working on my game's combat system. This is a big one, as it involves coming up with skills for my character classes. Wish I was more creative :(
Would it be possible to put the character's portrait to the side of the textbox? Looks like there's a gap between the right side of the box and end of the screen. I agree with dethmetal on having three lines of text like in the second screen, but don't care for the weird descending staircase look of the three boxes at different heights. I would push the textbox over to the right giving the portrait box room to slide down next to it, and then push the name box to the far left above the portrait box. If that's not possible, then I would just stick with the way you have it in the second screen.

As for myself, other then working on a lot of sprites and tiles, I've continued to tweak the menu layout. I figured it was probably better to post here opposed to the screenshot thread as I have some questions regarding navigation rather than aesthetics.

I've gone full Dragon Quest/Earthbound with the pause menu and have the listings split in two columns:

(Please ignore the graphics, I'm still in the early stages of learning pixel art and color theory type of stuff, you don't have to tell me it could be better, I know)

Now, I'm wondering what's the most comfortable and natural way to have the cursor move to a position other than the obvious ways. Like in a single column list, pushing up on the top listing moves the cursor to the lowest listing, I'm looking at that kind of thing.

So if you click right while the cursor is on 'Heal Up' you move to 'Party Order', but what if you click right again? Should it stay put or wrap around moving back to Heal Up?

If I tap up while it's on 'Heal Up' should it go to bottom of the same column and have the cursor jump to 'Fast Travel' or should it jump all the way to the last option of the whole list at 'System'? Same with System, should pressing down move you to Heal Up or Party Order?

For single column with 3-4 options, I would make the cursor stop once it hits the end. When it becomes more than 1 column or if you have a lot of options in a single column, when you press down on the last option, it should go back to the top, same with left/right, it just makes navigating easier in my opinion. I also used this method in my menus/inventory system.
Working on a game where you can capture just about any enemy and have them fight for your side. Just uploaded a (long, convoluted) tutorial where you can have items have different effects based on who they're used on. In my case its for a loyalty system where you win enemies to your side by giving them gifts, which they will either like or dislike.
I've been working on the combat system for my game. Coding enemy AI is driving me insane.

Other than that, took a break and made "Scroll spells", which are consumable items that I can access from my item bar that cast a spell. This will allow me to have unlimited number of spells/skills now.
https://imgur.com/aKKMwIRdrone stuffff

Woah, that looks great!
Guardian of the Description Thread
I've been fiddling around in VX Ace to see if stats can semi-seperated from the database. By default, a base-stat is determined by looking up a table-type variable, which refers to a level, and parameter ID.

The question I'm posing in this exercise was if I couldn't just refer to stats via parameter ID, maybe only using the "Level 1" value from the DB for the initial value, and use some other formula to determine how/if they go up each level.

Outside of the question of what method to use for stats when a character levels up, it's certainly possible to do it! However, I have no idea if this is going to go into a game. Or anywhere, really!
Hello, I've been working on getting everything for my combat system programmed in GMS2. I'm using arrays to create a Final Fantasy XII inspired gambit system to handle enemy actions in battle. I'm going back and forth on when I want the enemy to recheck the gambits though.

For a while now, I've wanted a way for enemies to emote skills before they use them. I planned to have an icon above an enemy's head when it's preparing any skill other than a basic attack, and then the player could react accordingly. This made sense when the battle was traditional turn based and had the player and enemies queue up commands at the start of a round. Now that I've changed the system to be CTB, this ability to see what the enemy's planning makes the battle less dynamic. The enemy needs to set their gambit at the end of their last turn and can't change it again even when the combat situation changes. I'll show what I mean, here's a video testing out my game (the player character has no animations and it's all very rough and early, so bare with me):

The slimes have one gambit to heal a fellow monster if their HP drops under 75%, if the gambit check is untrue, they do a basic attack. The green clover icon above the slimes' heads means their preparing a healing spell (different icons will represent different skill types).

In the video, everyone's HP is full at the start so all slimes set their skill to the basic attack. The player damages one slime before their turns start but their gambits are already set to use the basic attack. After they perform their basic attack, then their gambits check the damaged slime and they all prepare for the heal skill, then they all heal the damaged slime even though just one heal was enough to top him off. You see the problem?

They could check their gambits again at the start of their turn but then I'd lose the predictability that this whole icon thing was made for in the first place. It feels like a traded in too much dynamic enemy tactics for predictability and I'm unsure if I should continue in this direction.

I was thinking that the enemy skill prediction thing could be that core unique mechanic for my game so I'm apprehensive to ditch it. On the other hand, you can see an enemy's mana beneath their health and there's a general idea that the higher the MP, the more likely they are to use more potent abilities. So I would still have some element of being able get a handle on what the enemy is planning. I also sort of hate having icons all over the screen all the time.

I'm thinking maybe just have the icon and unchangeable skill decision for really devastating attacks instead of EVERY skill bar the basic attacks. Regardless, I'm happy with myself for programming a gambit system, so that's nice.
I'm trying to make battle sprites for my battle system, but I suck at spriting.

Does it look decent?

Edit: Made another one. Not sure which I like more.

I'm trying to make battle sprites for my battle system, but I suck at spriting.

I really like the second one more!
I'm trying to make battle sprites for my battle system, but I suck at spriting.

Does it look decent?

I really like the second one as well.

I posted a capture in the screenshot thread, but last week I got the idea of making a puzzle/dungeon crawler with maybe some random elements. I don't know where it's going from here but I think it could have some legs.

I wanted to make it so each dungeon floor was only one screen size, and see if I could make some interesting puzzles and mazes that way.

Been working on adding/updating the skills for the 4 character classes I have in my game. Started yesterday after finished updating like 20 pages of documentation. Basically, I'm just trying a bunch of different things until something works, since I have no idea how a skill is going to look like and function until I actually make it.