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I'm Trempush, and I just rediscovered this whole RPG-maker business. :D

I knew about it/used RPG maker 2003 back a couple years ago when my sister and her friend got into it, and then I dropped it 'cause it was confusing. Now I'm back and it's not as bad as I remember it being (I've already got a map and a semblance of a plotline). Probably because I'm not brand-new to it, but hey, whatever works, lol.

My other interests include making music (I use Magix Music maker, UTAU, and Vocaloid for the most part), and fanfiction-writing.

...and that's about it.
Welcome to RMN, a Real Men Network!

Enjoy your stay here, and oh, mind handing out some samples, matey?
Already did, in the music section :D
Your mom is a hero
Welcome to RMN! Contribute lots!
Hey, welcome to RMN.
Hope you have a good time here.
member of the bull moose party
hello all nice meet you^^{p.s had a picture but it got deleted}.
Welcome to RMN.
I like slimes...
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