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Playtesters are necessary, especially in games that take several hours to play so you need them replayed continuously. I learned this a long time ago, and most RMers who know my game history will know what I'm talking about. :<

The problem with playtesters in a hobbyist community such as this one, though, is that you have to be sure that the person you're getting to playtest will keep to their word, or is particularly good at rooting out bugs in your game. A few times I had playtesters who were more interested in getting an early play of my game and not offer very useful feedback at all. You need a good mix of people to playtest your game, people who play casually AND those who can find problem areas with pinpoint accuracy, and above all you need playtesters who are going to do their Goddamned job.
How could playtesters be bad?

I'm making a fangame, so theres decent amount of people wanting to play it.

I just release betas, I test my game decently, make sure theres nothing gamebreaking, then send it out for beta testing.

if someone reports a bug; I add their name to the credits, with a star for every bug.
I guess test player would have been a good thing for my game.
I had tried it myself so many times and fixed sooooooo many things that I though there wasn't that much left.
Apparently I was wrong...

Now when I friend is playing the game, I'm surprised over all the stuff he finds.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
The guy who started this topic is a massive dickwad. There are no cons to playtesting. Ever. Getting someone else to play your game allows you to get a different view on things, because as developers we know how the game works and might leave an area unchecked because subconsciously we know it's bugged. As such the player will find that area.

Every major commercial company gets playtesters and despite being an indie community we should all do the same to avoid our ACTUAL players having to deal with issues like "I'M MISSING A PICTURE."
It's ok, I guess, to not have playtesters before a demo release (though I have had nightmares in doing so) but before a final release? No fucking way.
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