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Hey, it would be neat to have a simple form on your game page that tracks issues. Say you have a team of play testers and they have limited access to your "game page". They could then upload a bug or issue by filling out a simple form and hitting submit. Then it gets cataloged in a sub-section where I can read them and make the appropriate changes.

I think this site could do with a little more hands on approach to game design, don't you think? I've been using SourceForge as a bug tracker, but it's really for more open source projects and I don't think it should be included with stuff from RMN... Because most projects are already hosted here. So why not add a Bug Tracker into the mix?

I have no clue how hard it would be, but getting screenshots, game uploads, lockers, and blogs running would seem like a harder task than a simple form + submission button.

Also I say "limited access" because I don't want people spamming randomly the issue button. It's ideally for play testers... But I guess it could be open to anyone besides playtesters. The submissions could have a "remove" button so that the game admin, like me, could just remove and filter out the weird requests, or the completed requests.
This seems like a great idea. Would be helpful!
If you want a lousy and cheap bug tracker you can open a blog and call it Bug Tracker and have people make replies to that. Of course, it's not going to be as neat as having a proper submission form.

It could even categorize by priority. A person could flag it as a high priority = game breaking (unfinishable quest) to low priority = visual (mapping error).
whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<
Whats wrong with just having them PM you the bugs.
Whats wrong with just having them PM you the bugs.

I'd think it gets hard to manage. Because you'd have to micro manage priority level and completion status. Plus the PM interface on this website is fairly basic at where it stands in functionality.

An RM game may possibly be different, I dunno, but I'm expecting the bugs to reach in the 100's with mine, because it's almost entirely programmed and has a lot of content. especially in closed beta testing w/ play testers. My game won't be needing this anytime soon, but by putting this here I hope some admin at some time will read it and hopefully do it.

For future posters: don't get smart here, it's quite natural for a product of any kind to have many bugs, read up any project at GitHub, SourceForge, or open source websites that have issue trackers... You'll see that the popular ones are filled to the brim. Not because they were coded badly, but because they weren't careful and have gotten better as each issue was addressed.
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