I've noticed that this community seems to have a deficit when it comes to musical taste. I'm not saying you guys don't have any taste, I'm saying that I've never really heard this site talk about music ever. tardis is like, the only one who I'm absolutely sure listens to music whatsoever. So you guys listen to music, right? What music do you listen to? What artist/album are you rockin' to right now? Let's talk about music. I'll start.

Okay so Kanye West's new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy just dropped, and that's what I'm currently digging right now. Yes, that's one of the covers for the album. I think that one was banned in some places though? I dunno.

Anyway, Kanye gets a lot of heat for being an asshole, and yeah, he kinda is, but he's also an extremely talented artist when he's not being an asshole. My favorite tracks so far are Monster (nice collab, Nicki Minaj is actually a pretty good MC), Lost in the World (this track has a beautiful sense of duality), and All of the Lights is a good club hopping beat. I wasn't surprised when I heard the album is getting great acclaim. It's good shit!

So what do YOU listen to? You don't have to follow me, just post about what music you like, what artists you like, and what is currently grabbing your attention! My post above is just what I'm listening to lately, I'm a patron of all music, I'll be happy to share even more of my favorite artists, genres, and albums! Sound off on yours!
I mostly listen to soundtracks, truth be told. Used to be video games, but I've drifted, perhaps sensibly so into Anime soundtracks. Right now pretty much all I listen to habitually is The Big O Soundtrack.

In terms of "real music" I listen to a lot of heavy metal, especially Metallica and Judas Priest. Although, I like to listen to The Notorious B.I.G. every now and then.
My favorite band of all time is Kamelot. They've also just released their newest album, Poetry for the Poisoned, a few months ago. Been rocking to Hunter's Season and Necropolis for a while.

Another band I'm listening to is Ill Nino, who've just released Dead New World. My favorite tracks off of that album are God is for the Dead and Serve the Grave.

I mainly listen to Power, Symphonic, and Progressive Metal, but Classical, Nu Metal (of differing varieties), Alternative Metal, Hip-Hop, Show tunes (especially Phantom of the Opera), and orchestral film scores/video game OSTs also dominate my musical tastes.
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I listen to Punk Rock mostly. Currently listening to 'Float' (Flogging Molly). Good song.
I'm actually listening to the new Kanye as well. I didn't get it initially because I didn't like the autotuned album, but somebody kept insisting I check it out until one day we carpooled to work and he played it in the car... Definitely a fan, and I didn't expect to be. Anyway, here are a couple of my recent purchases:

Fleet Foxes

Janelle Monae

I listen to a lot of different types of music, but my favorite is rock/metal. Metallica is my all-time favorite band, probably, or Queen.
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So I've been neglecting my collection of hip hop lately so I decided to spend an hour and a half sitting on my chair listening to awesome groups such as gravediggaz, boogiemonsters, flatlinerz, rampage the boyscout, arsonists, psycho realm, the pharcyde, souls of mischief etc, but of course there's always THAT ONE GROUP that shines above all the rest, a group that in my opinion still holds the crown of hip hop, especially compared to that horrible shit thats playing nowadays.

What is that group you might ask? Organized Konfusion of course.


^ off their debut album, made in 1991 and still more advanced than any shit you'll hear nowadays onto forevermore.
Oh good this topic didn't turn out to be complete shit like I feared. Hey Jude, good look on the Janelle Monae! Good to see she's getting the exposure she deserves. And Despite I'm definitely going to check out Organized Konfusion.

I'll post more in a bit; gotta run (again).
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you are correct in your OP, mog- i practically breathe music. if you cut me, i would bleed rock'n'roll, among other things.

my current favouritest style of anything is, and has been for a while, Progressive Rock.
older favourites include as Rush, Ambrosia, Genesis, Yes, Kansas, Boston, The Moody Blues, and extend into simpler arena rock groups such as Styx, Journey, and many many more. all of the above make frequent appearances in my media player for general listening purposes.
i've been getting into some of the newer prog stuff recently. namely, Spock's Beard. i know they've been around for a few years, and i've actually had a couple of their albums for a while, but i only just recently got around to listening to them. this is one i've been repeat-playing for a few days, along with the rest of that album-

another favourite in newer stuff is these dudes- Frost*- from the UK. their crunchy synths and killer chops rub me in all the right ways.

and it's funny you guys should mention the latest kanye- this dude does a rockin' cover that, i think, outdoes the source material. oh yeah, and did i mention he sings every voice you hear and plays every instrument you hear ALL BY HIMSELF?
I always thought that Cake song was about sex.
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I listen to pop on the radio, and some random British and Russian bands/artists (Sergey Lazarev <3). I've been listening to bands under Fueled By Ramen recently, springboarding off of The Hush Sound <3.

My favorite band is Blur.

I'm not really a music junkie. I've never cared much about the indie scene or anything. I do like and fall back to alternative rock sometimes; I listened to a lot of Barenaked Ladies and David Byrne as a kid.

I have a sort of annoying problem where I listen to the exact same song like three hundred times a week, usually whatever's favorited the most recently on Youtube (I am cheap but I don't pirate music). Sometimes I go back and listen to stuff I favorited in High School, which I surprisingly still like - Vanessa Carlton, Maria Mena, Maroon 5, etc. I still listen to those fairly often.

BASICALLY: Everything I listen to, there is a 95% chance that somebody I encounter has listened to it before.

lately, alot of 60-70's (zappa, led zep, sabbath, wizard, the hollies, beatles, pink floyd, bowie, bo hansson/h&k, some genesis, etc). otherwise, off the top of my head (besides the classics i just name-dropped), just good music in general would be; dead can dance, cocteau twins, death in june, current 93, ulver, the stranglers, vangelis, dire straits godspeed you! black emperor/a silver mount zion, joy division, bauhaus, sisters of mercy, amebix, burzum, beastie boys, craft, deathspell omega, hellhammer/celtic frost, xploding plastix, secret shine, classic old-school gametunes (can you say rob hubbard, chris hülsbeck, ben daglish, martin galway), some other geniuses (blaizer, alexander brandon, bobby prince, uetmatsu, yasunori mitsuda)... yeah. sorry about that
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Yeah I don't like stuff like that. I'm not a fan of music that tries too hard to be anything more than something to listen to.
I mostly listen to chill hip-hop like Specifics, Nujabes, Pase Rock, Shing02, etc. Smooth and cool and the lyrics are usually damn good.

Then more serious shit like Mos Def (The Ecstatic is one of the best hip-hop albums like ever), POS, Specifics. And I want to fit Andre 3000 in here somewhere but he's not quite chill but not really serious. But yeah Roses is a badass song. But here's one of the best off the Ecstatic:

I'm always a sucker for pop punk too. Bomb the Music Industry is the only band of the kind that's bearably whiny nowadays though.

Steely Dan, whatever the hell genre they belong to, is always great, especially Aja.

And some Talking Heads for good measure,

Yasunori Mitsuda is prolly my favorite videogame composer, but you've already heard him.

Philip Glass for movies/just in general. Love the score to Mishima
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Be careful not to flood the page with Youtube links, guys; I want this to be as surf friendly to everyone as possible. Use discretion if you want to share your tunes with everyone.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
i am a dull philistine

I don't listen to music for messages or crabs or whatever. I just want something in the background of what I'm doing, and if the lead singer is hot then even better.
Craze, I have to say you're really, really missing out if music doesn't touch you emotionally or get you to look at things differently, or even *gasp*, straight up change your life.

I can say without a doubt that music is the single greatest art that has ever impacted me. It's my greatest inspiration.

but hey that's just me I mean shit damn
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
You're really, really missing out if <painting/family/gardening/videogames/drugs/knitting/theater/film/history/books/dance/snow/fashion/politics/sex> doesn't touch you emotionally or get you to look at things differently, or even *gasp*, straight-up change your life.


(I am not saying that all of those things touch me/paradigm shift me to Synergist/change my destiny... in fact, the only things that do touch my inner soul of artistry and love and blah are the show Brothers & Sisters and a single guy I got to know once. You are talking to a brick wall/dull philistine!)