One of my friends decided to show me this at Best Buy while it was hooked up to the subwolfers. Surprisingly the attention we received from playing loud dubstep remixes in a public store was well received.

I like lot's of musicas meself, anything that sounds good to the ears. That said, I have an obsession with Enka, especially Aki Yashiro's works.
Yall don't know nuffin 'bout dis.

derp (moved to that jammin' thread)

I really like a lot of tunes in here. I'll have to check 'em all out, eventually!
A guy walks into a bar and his alcoholism is destroying his family.
wu tang clan ain't nothin to fuck wit

I've been listening to Thirstin Howl III - Skilligans island. Honestly, I thought this album was a fucking joke until i actually listened to it, it's a fresh breath of air as far as rap goes.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm

honestly It Bites don't have any dud songs on this album. everything from 9:45 on is the crowning moment of the tune for me. those are some pretty pants-wettingly intense organ tones.
this is really awful
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
I think it'd be pretty good if it weren't for the vocals (I swear vocals ruin like 90% of modern music)
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
These past few days I've been binging on classical music

Well, I really like Folk/Pagan/etc. music...especially if they are sung in some arcane (or completely made up) language. lol

(even though that part of my collection is rather small compared to everything else I have...I guess I haven't listened to enough good ones yet ~_~)

But anyway, some of my favorites!

Loreena McKennit's "The Mystic's Dream":

E.S. Posthumus' "Oraanu" (sung by Luna Sans):

E.S. Posthumus' "Oraanu Pi" (instrumental version):

Faun's "Egil Saga" (German band):

Brian Tyler's "Inama Nushif" from Children of Dune:
a lot better than being a wapanese kiddo

hipster cred

i think Fucked Up's new album is pretty great
I've always wanted to get into Fucked Up.

Listening to a lot of Frank Turner and Lucero these days.
I love music! According to my iPod, these days I've been listening to a lot of :

Florence + The Machine
Britney Spears (lolstereotype)
Demi Lovato (what?)
Katy Perry
Oh Land
Christina Perri
The Script
Two Door Cinema Club
The Veronicas
My all-time favourite band Dir en grey.
And their new single kicks ass!^^