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The A is for ANGAGE
Yeah, karsu personally tells me to stop being a douche fairly often.
huh. So do I...

If you want to get past CERBERUS you must offer TRIPLE THE PETS!
@tardis/GRS:1. Could easily be put on a test forum and not put on all the currently active ones.
Meaningless. Each forum is changing in who is posting in it and what is being posted. There is no guarantee that the results of this feature being added to one forum will have similar results in another forum or that the results will carry over for any period of time. The extent this kind of testing would be useful is to determine if it functionally works or not. You can't apply this kind of test to a dynamic and social location.

2. If "Anaryu" has the power to ruin my thread, why can't I have the power to do something about it? The power to remove threads is there, it's just in the wrong hands.
An OP is not a mod. Any batshit insane emotionally unstable internet fuckwit with two braincells to rub together can make a thread.

I'm for a built in system to report posts to mods (people who are chosen to have a good head, common sense, and understand the rules.) and have them make a decision. They aren't as biased as the OP (Ideally they wouldn't be biased at all) and are a better judge of quality of posting than 90% of most OPs. Let mods issue warnings, edit out posts, give temp bans, ect. and have them state the infraction to the violator. (Bonus: Let users report bots that slipped under the radar!)

This system is in fact even more responsive (theoretically) than giving the OP powers. There are multiple mods. There are a ton of users who can report a post. There is only one OP (unless said OP is like this guy and is constantly keeping an eye on their thread)

3. Derailed/trolled threads are not the kind of 'evolution' of discussion that is going to draw in new people - it's a vet system that rewards those who enjoy playing the trolling game with each other.
Neither is a system where a new user has all this power to cause a shit storm. New guy posts thread, others can post interesting shit and get an interesting thead going, new guy nukes thread, everybody gets pissed off. Then why should people post in new guy threads with the uncertainty that their effort posts are in the hands of a potential six year old with anger management issues?

This was the case on the forums. Before users could delete their own posts (and if an OP deleted their OP it would nuke the thread). There was one thread started by a new guy and experienced veterans were posting some great content and discussing it with each other. OP nuked the thread and pissed off every poster, mod, and the admin who promptly disabled users being able to delete posts. I don't want that to happen here.
Oh I can edit this?
Yeah, karsu personally tells me to stop being a douche fairly often.
huh. So do I...


And he frequantly tells me to stop being alive...

Maybe a min maker score (100+?), and the ability for mods to 'revive' deleted posts.
Have to side completely with GRS on this suggestion. Kongregate also has (had?) a system where users could delete their own posts on the forums. Didn't really work so well when a "batshit insane emotionally unstable internet fuckwit" came into the picture, I assure you.
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