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Sweet Jesus geodude, you certainly know how to sell Birmingham.
actually what i really want to show off is the parts of birmingham i really like, the old industrial parts because they have this kind of weird run-down charm. all these sad old factories on their last legs, contrasted with the old pubs that must've been around for 100 years or more and look pretty much the same.

but i can't find any photos!

of course there's the shitty things like the central library:

and new street station:

but they're redeveloping the station and it's gonna look like this:

cannot WAIT
actually what i really want to show off is the parts of birmingham i really like, the old industrial parts because they have this kind of weird run-down charm. all these sad old factories on their last legs, contrasted with the old pubs that must've been around for 100 years or more and look pretty much the same.

Sounds a lot like some areas of Pittsburgh that have yet to be redeveloped after the catastrophic collapse of the city's economy and infrastructure after the steel industry waned in the 70s. If you find photos by all means throw them up.
well pittsburgh has things like the cathedral of learning (~amazing~) to balance that out

also i can't find anything but i will treat you to these

this is birmingham's moor street station, which serves the south east of the city, solihull and away through warwickshire and far away south. it's like a little time machine to the early 20th century
I live in a city 60 minutes out of Tokyo and 10 minutes out of Chiba. We have factories on our coast. A train station where youthful ruffians like to gather. Fragment sentences out the wazoo.
Here we go :D. I'm living in typical town of eastern Poland - Siedlce. It's horribly boring, no interesting places at all. That's why I stay at home nearly 24 hours, 7 days a week (excluding studying in college of course). Actually my hometown is a dormitory town of Warsaw, lotsa people are studyin' or workin' in Poland's capital city. But before fall of communism there was heavy industry and developed railway junction.

Read Wikipedia article if you want to know more:

Now, some photos:

The railway yard in Siedlce, I'm livin' just under the water tower :D

Neo-gothic cathedral from early 20th century

Panorama of Siedlce
but they're redeveloping the station

It's about fucking time.
but they're redeveloping the station
It's about fucking time.

That station will look like "Golden Terraces" shopping mall in center of Warsaw :p. Pretty freaky architecture.
I live in a small town called Maldon, it's where people come to die. It's right on the River Blackwater and it's got lots of hills and slopes, which is not good for all the OAPs which is about 70% of it's population.

It's also home to an annual Mud Race which is the most exciting thing that ever happens here. It was on ITV News not long ago and the reported stated that people all around europe come to participate. I think the reporter lied.

Dude, don't complain, your town looks way more interesting :). At least it's located at seashore, not in middle of land (nowhere?) like my poor Siedlce.

I'm from Corpus Christi, Texas. It's on the Gulf of Mexico. Our beaches are usually covered by either jellyfish or seaweed but it's still awesome to go. I miss home a whole lot.
We've got a lot of tourism, especially during spring break. If you guys want more info then you can visit the City of Corpus Christi's website:
I live in a city called St. Albert. You might not think it's a city from simply driving through on the highway, but yeah, we've got city stuff. (North of Edmonton, Alberta)

Map View

I live in Preston, UK. Having been there for all 18 years of my life (And for another 2 at least) it's starting to get a little dull, but on the upside I know where all the shops are. It's also the place that's gonna be getting the Tithebarn project, just as soon as they figure out just where they'll put the bus station (Bloody idiots), as well as the location of my current place of study.

On another note, it's rather nice to walk through during the week after a late (read: 5-6pm) finish to a day, and it being really dark and peaceful. Too bad that only really works in the winter time, as well as if I'm lucky to head through when not many people are around.

Just one pic from the path I take to get from Uni to get into town every time there's an hour or two's break, or when I head home. Used Google maps 'cause I'm a lazy arse.
Well i was born in Sydney Australia (New South Wales) but I now live in Northern Ireland and i like it here better so NO AUSTRALIA FOR YOU

anyway right now everything is white, the roads are ice and it was -13 outside for almost a week (not sure about right now but its not as cold)

Just copy-paste this over and over agian and you will have seen Ireland. don't you feel happy!
Another Brit. I've lived in Sheffield, England for about a year and a half now to attend the uni, and I really like it. I'm from a small town in the south originally so just living in a city is weird for me. I've been shopping a good few times but I kinda feel like I haven't really MADE much of living in a city with things actually happening yet... idk, it's just cool after all those years to actually have decent shops a half-hour's walk/ten minute bus ride away rather than having to go to the nearest big town or something and that's good enough for me for now. It's also apparently very safe? And I haven't been mugged yet, so. Being in the north, it can get quite chilly, though. We've had a LOT of snow in the last month or so. About three weeks ago it was about 3ft just outside my door.

Parts of the city are quite picturesque. It's an old northern industrial town with some nifty architecture. Not exactly a shining example of industrial architecture per se but take a look at the town hall on a nice day,

Right outside are the Peace Gardens - WW2 memorial also later appropriated as a memorial to Hiroshima IIRC (as it happens, this time next year i will actually be living in hiroshima so might necropost!). Here they are in the evening,

What else...? Eh, a lot of people comment on the tram system. It's pretty convenient, but I get motion sickness so don't take it very often. It's very reasonably-priced, though. All public transport here is, actually. Remnants from the People's Republic of South Yorkshire, I guess.

And yeah, I actually live in Nick Clegg's constituency. Nick Clegg is my MP. I voted for Nick Clegg. I... I'm sorry. I didn't know he was going to do that.
yorkshire: it's cool
There seems to be quite a few Europeans here.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
We need more skylines!

As you may or may not guess from the giant phallus in those photos, I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
It's actually a pretty small city, built high. However, it seems to ooze outwards and consume other cities around it. Like a metropolis version of The Blob.
Currently, I live over in the Etobicoke area. It's basically the western-most village in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

The city is connected by the often irking schedule of the TTC bus/streetcar/subway system, which is all one price to go anywhere.

Toronto is a great city. Because it's built on so many smaller cities, you can pretty much find anything here! Cultures across the board, food from any country, and always something to do. (When not busy with RPGMaker)

You can't go wrong in the city that elects this guy as the mayor...

Our sports teams are all amazing too, so if you're a sports fan, you best move to Toronto.

What else can I say? I love my city, all jokes aside. We're everywhere, and yet nowhere. And that's us. Oops, sorry, I forgot about the street life!
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
I've got relatives in Toronto and from what I've heard it's a great place to live. Would love to visit someday.
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