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O.K., so I'm making my game and I'm on a cut-scene. The following is the event commands for the controlling event:

Here's the thing: The third Move Event (Right under "Wait: 1.0 Sec") doesn't happen. For whatever reason, the Hero just decides not to move. There is no event on the square to the immediate right of the Hero, no waiting, no nothing. Earlier in the scene, the event (An NPC, not the Hero) walks through the same square to the immediate right of the Hero. Sorry if that was a little hard to follow, but I really need help with this, as I'm releasing a demo on March 20th for Release Something! Day II.

NEVER MIND, juust figured this out. Please lock this topic and puit it in the city dump. (sorry for the inconvienience)

At the request of BigEd781, here's the solution: You have to add a "Wait Sec." event between each Move Event centered on one character (being an NPC or the hero). I had to add a "Wait 1.5 Sec." event inbetween the two move events.
You should post the solution for others who may run into the same problem.
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