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Sorry for the lateness guys. I guess I'll make this topic. Lets hear about your gameplay. What kinds of battle systems, minigames, other systems, or period gameplay elements are you including?
Thanks for starting this. Great topic pick.

I have no battle system. The game is all about trick-or-treating. So basically, the character just goes from door to door to get candy. However, there are going to be a few mini-games as well. So far, all I have set up is a maze and some hidden items that can be found and traded in for candy. To avoid spamming the mini-games, I think I'll have them reset like I do the houses. That way, the player will have to exit and re-enter the Fair Grounds (costing 10 minutes of time and 5 per game).

I'm not too sure how much candy is going to be the collection goal in the game. I've been thinking that maybe I'll make a few different difficulty modes so that Easy mode would be a piece of cake (like 500 candy or something) and Insane mode would force some creative thinking and force the player to do the side quests if they hope to win (like 10K candy).
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