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This was just a brainstorming post but I feel it's doing more harm than good, so feel free to post cool ideas you have for abilities in general, but I'll just try to work on my project by myself. Thanks for reading!
Cool, but... "Rush"? Well, I'll think of something, but what "rush" is? This seems very nice.
EDIT: Also, the percentages are actually based on the character's Power?

So if Trent has Power of 20, steel strike deals 12 dmg and Boost Morale recovers 80 Hp?
Well it was supposed to be like an Adrenaline Rush! But I had another name before, it sounded too technical. Maybe something else would be better.

But yeah, I meant to make a few examples to show how the formula's worked, but yup! It's a percentage of their Power score just like you said.

Oh, I used to call them Infusions.. Like you're infusing the ability with adrenaline. Kinda sounds sci-fi-ish.
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