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so here's the thing: i'm trying to get as much out of the rm2k dbs as possible, and i'm trying to set up this system wherein each character starts the battle with 0 mp and regenerates a certain amount (tentatively 10) every turn. battle events make this look easy enough - one command, "Champ MP: 's MP 10 (Add)", set to trigger every turn ought to do the trick. most of the time it works fine, but i've encountered something of a glitch.

here's what i've observewd: if you start a turn with 90/100 mp and then cast a spell that costs 10, you will begin the next turn with 90. this is what i expected and what i wanted - you spend 10 mp, you regen 10 mp, you break even. beautiful. but if you start a turn with 100/100 mp and you cast the same spell, you wind up with 90 mp anyway when you ought to have 100. if you cast a 20-mp spell, you start the next turn with 80 instead of 90, and so on.

what i believe happens is this: the mp recovery is simply triggered at a poor time, namely between the end of the phase wherein you select your commands and the phase where your actions are executed. as a result, any mp regenerated on a given round that would take you over the 100 mp cap are simply wasted. this was what my first instinct was and my testing seems to corroborate this. you'll forgive me if this is obvious, it's my first time trying to work with battle events and i'm just figuring out the mechanics now.

so, uh, is there way to fix this and get mp regeneration working properly? perhaps a way to trigger commands at the end of each round, or perhaps another method of implementing it altogether? or will i just have to find a way to rework the battle system without mp regen?

thanks in advance, peeps \o/
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Battle events happen at the earliest moment they can after the player has made their move decisions. Since the MP recovery event has no specific requirements, it happens immediately after the player has decided their moves, which means it regens MP at the beginning of the turns instead of the end.

So, if you start with 100, the game adds 10 more at the start (but doesn't because it can't exceed the max). Then the players make their moves, losing MP and bringing them down from 100. Hence, you gain no MP that turn.

There's no way to fix this. Rm2k has no way to set a battle event to occur at the end of everyone's turns (that I know of).
damn, i was afraid of that. i guess i'll have to find a way to make this work without mp regeneration... or maybe with regeneration but without caps. hmm!

thank you kindly for the prompt and thorough response! o/
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Could you somehow set up the MP regen system with the help of variables?
Not sure how it would work, but I know you can have "fork conditions" to read if you have too little or too much of X

like I said, not sure how this would work as I don't have everything you have in front of you
but look into variables, might help with what you are looking for!
i don't think it'll help. at first i thought i could circumvent it by increasing the mp cap in battle, then using a battle event to drop it to 100 if it overflows, but that didn't really change anything. i'm pretty sure that if there's no way to force the regeneration tick to the end of the round, then i'm hooped. :v

s'all good though, i'm already reworking the system to adapt to the changes. i'm early on so it's still a simple task. thanks for givin' it a shot though, bro
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Instead of directly restoring the MP in battle events, could you use a status effect? I'm pretty sure you can make a status effect that regenerates MP each round. Then you'll need a common event that applies it to everyone any time it's not already applied. You'll also need battle events to apply it in battle to anyone who doesn't already have it each round, so that the effect comes back when the character is revived.
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