An avid lover of Heartache 101

After noticing that some people didn't know how to deal with feedback (or just plain didn't want any), I thought of an idea to provide feedback to people who were looking for it.

The Concept:
I would basically play the first 10-15 minutes of the game and give my impression as I play along. Now, how is it different than a Let's Try?

At the end of 10-15 minutes, I would decide whether or not I would feel like continuing to play this game or not (pass or fail). I think it's a good way to get plenty of feedback without having to play through the whole game (and thus cover plenty of games). Also, if the game ''fails'', it might give the creator some incentive to rework the beginning of their game in order to make it more entertaining (or not).

The Objective
Give feedback to people who are asking for it and are willing to listen.

The Rules
Some simple rules:
1. Only authors can submit their games. Any type of game can be submitted as long as you're the author for the game.
Considering that anyone can review any game on RMN, I've decided I would allow myself to also select games to PoF as well as take requests from the authors. The PoF are not by any means nasty so I don't think it would do any harm.

2. There isn't any rating (except for the pass or fail)
Games will be rated from now on. See below for more explanation. The Pass or Fail mechanic has also been tweaked to be more objective than before.

3. No complaining. The purpose is just to give my impressions as I play along. Everything I would say is according to my taste and is by no means objective. You can disagree all you want (and it will happen) but there's really no point in trying to change other someone else's mind when it comes to video games

4. No going back: since the whole point if the experience is to give my first impressions, I'll keep the same verdict to matter what. So no point in saying: ''Yeah, but you missed that part...''

5. No holding back: I will say *everything* that comes to mind when I play the game without any restrain, it's 100% honest both the good and the bad.

By submitting a game, you are hereby accepting all of the rules mentioned above. If you can't stand hearing negative comments about your game by all means do no submit anything. I'm never liked a game 100% so there will definitely be some things to work on.

Let me know if you're interested.

The Ratings

I decided to structure my videos a bit more around key elements namely: Story telling, Music, Graphics and Gameplay. It's still very much so broad terms but I felt it would be necessary just so the process becomes more uniform from one Pass or Fail to another.

Here's the rating system:

Each game will be rated according to the following aspects:

In order to pass, a game must have a total score higher than 5.

Badge System

The Games

*The Best Game in the World by Kp!: Final Score 24
*John's Misadventures by JiminyjunkL Final Score: 16
*The Lost Girls: Final Score 10
*Aftermath by Drakyith: Final Score 8
*Kujira no hara: Final Score 7
*Amulet of Athos by AoA: Final score 7
*Mainserv by Kilam: Final Score: 7
*Cerebral Symphony by Faenon: Final Score: 5
*Questing by Pladough: Final Score 5
*Adalyn by Ocean: Final Score 5
Other games back when there was no score:
World's Dawn by Sagitar
*Infection by Infectionfiles
*Metal Gear Solid by Zephyr
*Porygon 3D by Halibabica
*Leo and Leah by Strangeluv
*Legacy of Guilds by RabitZ
*A Home Far Away by Strangeluv
*Legend of Zelda by Link_2112
*Castle Chase by Racheal
Reincarnations by krosk

*Project Freedom of Choice by trotter: Final Score 4
*Temphra: 1
*Matsumori Days by Marrend: -8
*Whaling Revolution by Proto: -9
*Tu-Lips Island: Final Score: -22
Other games (back when there was no score):
*Dungeon Crawl by Liberty
*Sayin' Alive by NewBlack
*Allinlea by Yoshio
*Incarnation by Liberty
*Tales of Arcadia
*Parallel by Pokemaniac
Devil Star by Ashriot
*Rifts by Desmo360
*Story of Innocence by Ultima187
Dragon Origins by Ephiam
*Resident Evil: After Story by Felipe_9595

The games tested so far (this is just my opinion. I strongly encourage people to try the games by themselves and to make up their own mind)
Okie then! I humbly request you try out either Dungeon Crawl (which I'm working on) or Incarnation (which has no feedback whatsoever).
Thank you if you actually decide to do one! ^.^

I look forward to your decision.
Just for kicks:

It's dead short anyway and half-jokey. But if you want something to do then go ahead :)
*sigh* This is a good idea.
An avid lover of Heartache 101
Dungeon Crawl by Liberty

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I'd like to hear a pass or fail for:
Always looking for more feedback, been changing some things up recently.
Much appreciated if you decide to! :]
An avid lover of Heartache 101
Stayin' Alive by NewBlack:

Allinlea by Yoshio:

I really liked these, and I watched all three even though they aren't my games :P Looking to see more from you soon.
An avid lover of Heartache 101
Thanks Necrile :).

Incarnation by Liberty.

(I've tried Infection's game but I get an error message and the game crashes. If I manage to fix this I'll let you know.)
Thanks a lot Creation. Yes, the graphics were custom (except for the faces). You've given me a few things to think about, especially regarding the information given to the player. I'll definitely go back and edit, add more signs, though just to add that Emile does tell you how to use explosives and the like. I will make it easier to learn about though. Thanks~

Well, yeah the battles really need balancing. A lot. Again, I need to add a bit more instruction into what to do/where to go, though it's a game mostly aimed at exploration. That said, thanks for trying it out. Again, you've given me a lot to think about.

The music is because of your computer - I'm also not a fan of silence, so you might need to check your speakers or something. Definitely.
VERY good stuff Creation. Very very. I'm happy you did this.

Strange though the soft music and no title screen music. I think it could be your computer.
An avid lover of Heartache 101
I'll be waiting for your game, then, ShortStar. I can promise you I won't let our disagreements influence my judgments.

Liberty: I'm glad it helped. I think you should focus on more stuff like Dungeon Crawler, it has more potential and it stands out more IMHO
This is a really good idea, keep it up. Maybe try to condense it a little bit if at all possible.
I would like to have you play my game, Creation. Tales of Arcadia. I've been running a little behind schedule and haven't had time to get the final version out. It's a demo but definitely longer than ten minutes.
Yeah, I'm definitely gonna finish Dungeon Crawl. Thanks again for trying. ^.^
Hey Creation, this is a pretty interesting idea.

I like how open-minded you are and this is a really great way to get more involved in this community to help people.

And 15 minutes is good amount for judgement of whether a game is good or not.
An avid lover of Heartache 101
Thanks xeilmach :).

Tales of Arcadia by Carvonica

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Hey, I noticed that the sound effects is working for the games, but not the music.
Now, I can't tell you exactly what the problem is, but I know it's something silly.

You can fix this by for example, going into the Music folder of the game and playing one of the music files there in a media player.
This happens to me every now and then and I have a "battlend2" file from the 2k/3 RTP at the ready, and when I play it, it fixes the silent game music.
Like I said, I have NO IDEA what does this or how to explain it, just a fix for it.
It seems like it happens when I'm listening to music on a media player, it shuts off the RM game music.
This might not help, but it's always worth a try!
Making a checklist for everyone.
- Don't use RTP.
- Don't use default font (remember to make it readable)
- Use music on the title screen.
- Don't have a long introduction. A minute is too long in my opinion.
- Include shinny things when there is something to get somewhere. Hidden items.
- Tint screen WORKS BEST with the fade out... then tint... then fade in.
- Don't use default battle system.
- Random encounters are bad (and the backbone of RPGs).
- Too many villages defeat the purpose of an RPG.