I am curious to see someone play, because that to all of us is so helpful. Watching over someone's shoulder to know what they do and where our flaws are as game makers. Like not herding or teaching the player enough. Like with Minecraft, you're just dropped off on a world with no tutorial.

After making that checklist, I think we all have some work to do.
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Infection by Infectionfiles

*By the way I update my first post with the results. Alright, no more for tonight. I'll check again tomorrow to see if there are any new submissions.

Making a checklist for everyone.
- Don't use RTP. -> (It varies, though yes, using RTP is usually not recommended.)
- Don't have a long introduction. A minute is too long in my opinion. -> (It all depends on the quality of intros. Long intros are okay as long as they are really good and smooth-flowing).
- Don't use default battle system. ->(No, it depends, though yes, do not just use the default battle system without at least have some creativity in altering it a little)
- Random encounters are bad (and the backbone of RPGs). -> (Random encounters aren't bad if the encounter rate is low)
- Too many villages defeat the purpose of an RPG. ->(No, it depends on what kind of RPG is created. Too many villages does not defeat the purpose of a RPG, especially one that is of exploratory-based)

The rest are good to go.
Wow, Creation, you work fast. I've seen all of them so far, and all of them has been excellent.

You don't delve too deep into things, and just criticize on the basic surface, which is good. You have a lot of patience to go through them.
An avid lover of Heartache 101

He wasn't being serious. ShortStar is mad because I went so far as saying that one of his maps had too much empty space and has been hellbent on my case ever since. You'd think so trivial wouldn't matter but it seems like that comment shattered his world. He browsed through the games I translated to find a map which had empty space for some sort of revenge. I didn't make the map though (since I just translated the project) so it blew nicely in his face.

He used to be more direct but has recently decided to go for a more passive agressive approach as opposed to confronting people directly. In this case he's trying to disqualify my opinions, I guess I'll need to send him a PM next time to make sure I'm allowed to think differently than he does. There's nothing you can do about this. If had known that saying his map had too much empty space would wound him so deeply that he would spend so much of his time trying to get back at me, I just wouldn't have said anything.

I'll do your game ShortStar.
To clarify my own opinions about that list...
Making a checklist for everyone.
- Don't use RTP - well I use RTP for a reason. I prefer it over other styles, though yes I do use others sometimes. I just like RTP better. Hence self-proclaimed RTP Princess. ^.^
- Don't use default font - eh. If you can read it, why not? It's not a huge deal and most of the time people make bad font choices. It feels gimmicky to use a different font. Like, OMG, look! I gots a font!!!! yeah... some games are okay - like 8 bit ones, others... not so much.
- Use music on the title screen - Use music everywhere! Hell, there are only a few times I don't use music and that's when I want to make a peaceful atmosphere but even then I'll have some sort of sound effects.
- Don't have a long introduction. A minute is too long in my opinion. - Again, depends. Some introductions are fine, others not so much. I think the thing is making them interesting.
- Include shinny things when there is something to get somewhere. Hidden items. - You don't need to do this as long as you let the player know that there's something to find if they look in certain places. Even an NPC saying they hid something in a barrel or a book telling you to look out for items hidden in wardrobes and what not is fine.
- Tint screen WORKS BEST with the fade out... then tint... then fade in. - Remember not to over tint! It should be a subtle thing.
- Don't use default battle system. - You can use it, but make it interesting. Don't just have the characters attack endlessly. A buttonmash is not fun.
- Random encounters are bad (and the backbone of RPGs).- Random encounters are bad if you are attacked every damn step. If you've got larger maps, change the rate of encounters and maybe try to jazz it up a bit. Perhaps a system where you can dodge them or an item that gets rid of them.
- Too many villages defeat the purpose of an RPG. - NEVAAR! Villages are the exploration capital of the world! Just make sure to make each different from the other so that it's not like walking through the same old village each time. Give each a theme or gimmick to be based around. Maybe one has a shrine, one's built into the side of a mountain, one's in a swampland, one is a tower village... make it interesting to explore.

I think you've got a good idea with this Creation. Sometimes it's hard for people to distance themselves from their own projects and new eyes see things they may miss. And any advice is good to hear.
That said, don't think one persons' opinion makes or breaks a game. Others may like what you don't and dislike what you do. It's best to take what is offered, see how it stacks up in your own opinion and work off it. Like any advice. Be grateful but judge according to what you want your project to be. Don't disregard just because you don't like it, though. If there's a legitimate complaint, take it into account. That's the best way to go, imo. (Though others may think otherwise. ^.^)
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Woot! A pass! :]
Thanks for this short playthrough, sorry about it crashing like that though. I noticed it was during the zombies turn to attack, so maybe a file is missing? I'll look into it.
I'll also definitely cut the tunnel short, you're right, really no reason to have it go on for too long.
I just wanted to convey the idea that you were passing under the city a good distance, but making it shorter won't hurt at all.
I'm really glad you enjoyed it!
You've certainly gotten me excited about picking this project up full start.
Although I've started version 2.0, which has a nice questing system, and v2 isn't so aimless. It's also a solo play, no party members. It recycles all the graphics(including the characters) as I intend on releasing it as the final product of Infection.

But yeah, I'll look into the crashing, hopefully fix that all(unless it was on your end, I know we had trouble setting it up)
And just for a note, the bottles and the piece that looks like trash on the starting rooftops is food items! :P
Maybe I should add that sparkle after all...
Infection, I'm going to hafta play your game after that :o Looks really cool, man.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Infection, I'm going to hafta play your game after that :o Looks really cool, man.
Thanks! always nice to hear. :]
I'd recommend trying Version 2.0 first tbh, it's more solid than the original Infection. But it's not that long, and the demo doesn't future key story elements just yet.
But hey, if you try it out could you give me a heads up if it crashes for you? (on the original)
I'd like to track this problem down and fix it. :]
i guess i just come from the "go into all the houses in a town" school of rpgs (blue haired kid tells you to find your father's house during the cutscene but you were skipping alot of dialogue to save time so you might have missed that?)

strange thing about the music tho, you're the first one i've run into who's reported not hearing it
I was being serious and literal.Really those are flaws most people make with making games and the whole point is to make them fun. I remember the RMN Podcasts where the hosts would complain about these exact same things. That's why I made a checklist. Like tips. Like mario tips.

1. Don't make plants come out of the ground, they come out of pipes. Doing this will piss off the player.
2. Don't make pipe exits... in places that aren't pipes.
3. Don't make blind faith jumps.
4. Don't make lava that is blue. Don't make swimable lava.
5. Don't kill the player after getting the star.

I wasn't trying to be a jerk. I was making a legitimate checklist so people don't have to listen to 10 minutes of video to be reminded. This isn't an insult or a jab. This is me trying to be helpful.

Oh and btw. I prefer RTP over anything else too. I think its more fun, lovable and consistant than anything else I've found online. Consistancy is the most important to me. However, many others don't. About the font. I've heard other people mention in screenshots and even the RMN casts that the default font and default window color make it feel like they're playing an old game and its not fresh.

The tint thing was a literal tip that I don't think people realize.

PS. Creation. I put away that hatchet earlier.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I don't understand the point of this. 15 minutes is nothing. That's not even long enough to learn how to play the game in any but the simplest, most boring games. If you were reviewing the first several hours I could see this being useful - that is how long it takes most strategy/rpg/adventure games to get rolling. But if your game starts with a tutorial, 15 minutes isn't even enough time to finish the tutorial. If your game starts in a town, it's not even enough time to get to look around the whole town. If your game starts in a dungeon, it's only two or three battles. Regardless of how your game is set up, it's not long enough to understand the game.

This thread just strikes me as problematic. Don't encourage designers to spend more effort on superficial appearances than on meaningful content and depth. The first 15 minutes of a game is just superficial. I love feedback, but play at least a few hours so that your feedback is meaningful and not misleading.

Sorry if that sounds offensive, but consider it my feedback on your thread. (After reading through the entire thing, I might add, not just the first 1%.)
I'd like to see you try Metal Gear Solid: Lunacy of Legion even if it would be just for 10-15 minutes(although it feels a bit short).
I've heard people point out small stuff, but never seen how it works in greater picture.
Also, it's a fan game as you might expect. Pretty independent though.
@Lockez I love what you had to say.

But playing devil's advocate... 15 minutes is all Youtube has. Do you really want to spend that much time on a bad game? Look at FF8. That game is epicly bad, but 40-100 hours. Granted, a lot of games are marathons, but if you don't hook someone in the first 5 minutes they're gone. Like I hear FF13 is good after about 12 hours. Do you want to play a game 12 hours before you know you'll like it?

Zelda 1 and Zelda 3 you knew instantly if you like it. Same with Mario and Metroid.

Kind of like comedies need to be funny right off the bat or action movies need to have plenty of explosions at the beginning.
First impression is very important, because most of the time,it makes you attached to a game and that attachment lasts very very very long, in very good games, it lasts till the end of the game.
@LockeZ: You may have some good points, but in the end: feedback is feedback. Considering the severe lack of feedback some games get, projects like this help, if even a little. The only games Creation is playing are games given to him from the creators, so they know what they are getting into. Just like in any other situation, it's up to the creator to weigh the validity of the comments based on the circumstances and adjust (or don't) accordingly.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I agree with Shortstar here(and bonehead), the first 10-15 minutes of a game is really important to me.
Rpgmaker made games anyways, commercial games I usually try at least a good while(as I probably spent money on it)
But RM games are different, being amateur made games there are bound to be bad ones, and we all know this.
When it comes to RM games, first impressions is everything. if I started a game and the graphics didn't match and there were typos everywhere, and the story just came off cheesy or boring, I usually just turn it off.

Our amateur designed games really need to pull the player in fast, because personally speaking I don't want to spend even 1hours+ on a RM game before it gets good.
If the beginning comes off bad or poorly designed then that leaves a pretty bad impression of what is to come.
RM games are very throw away. They're free, they're just another download away.

Its also like a man won't get to know a woman unless she's attractive. Everyone looks at her and everyone will try to play her, but in the end, she's usually just empty. Usually because people just want her for sex and not a long lasting relationship.
If the beginning comes off bad or poorly designed then that leaves a pretty bad impression of what is to come.
Pretty much agree, excluding FFXIII ofcourse! *innocent face*