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i've had ideas for a comic book or a flash series, but lack skill in both those fields. ages ago i came across the bentley brothers (the fellows who made the RE4 parody) who were working on a project involving rpg maker
i saw rpg maker 3 for the ps2 not long ago (good thing i didn't buy it) and wiki'ed rpg maker, and came across the story of the don (yeah that don)
so i decided to look into rpg maker found 2000 but had test play issues so i got my hands on 2k3 and have had no issues yet EXCEPT!!!

i would like to know how to make interiors, i know the process of selecting chipsets and such but i have a hard time making the left and right wall and the forground, of the room

i found tutorials i could practice with but the pictures would not show up so i got the instructions but no preveiw pic to get a idea of the whole excercise

the second thing i would like to know (which if i searched on here hard enough i could have found some info) is how to do snes style cutscenes before game play (EX: chrono trigger where chrono is woken up with some dialog then he moves a bit then you get to control him or dialog amongst the party upon entering a town, or where ryu in breath of fire 1 is awoken to the house ablaze) theres more questions i have but i will save them for later

this is one example (from kentona's Hero's Realm

actually just download Hero's Realm and play it for a bit to see how kentona did interiors, it's hard to explain and I don't use rm2k3 to show you.

As for the events you describe, you need to create a special kind of event.

Go to the event layer, in the top left corner make a new event. No graphic, but set its trigger to 'Auto Start'

Put a few message boxes in the event contents, just random text. Then at the very end, use the Set Switch command to set a switch (any switch will do) to ON.

Create a second page for the event, make sure the trigger is default (Touch or something) and set the Event Conditions (top left) to Switch ON and make sure you pick the same switch you just turned on. Then put your player start location on that map and run the game, see how it works.
ok i know what event your talking about, i couldn't get it to stop looping then i inserted a switch as i would with a npc but then the text wouldn't show

but i'll try it with this new tid bit of info you have givin
thanks for the help
Just curios chaoticgood,

Can you capitalize I's?
Can you spell curious right?

Why does that even matter, Ben_Random?

@chaoticgood: let us know if you got it working or need further assistance I will be happy to help
ok here we go *cracks knuckles* EYES that work?

I (there it is see it) do need to work on my punctuations

well, i got a remake of my practice map with a couple of npc's walking around and telling you what is going on when you talk to them, then a battle event followed by a tele to the next map

now i gotta try the advice up above and see if i do a cutscene showing a ritual then a lil combat animation that has a flash then the character appears
ALLRIGHT! i just tested what you informed me to do and it worked now just add some actual dialog and such

i'd like a lil battle animation to play before the hero sprite shows on the map

i also played that game and looked at the chipsets he used to make walls
and also examined retrogamers 3 tutorial vids and saw his maps for interiors

where the background has the walls and objects and no forground or side walls is shown
it'll work for me since all i'm doing is pretty much excercise to get the hang of the program

i kinda regret spending years with fruity loops insted of this hahahaha
I expect your game to have excellent beatz then, cg!

The battle animation thing is easy with rm2k3 i'm sure there is an event option for it probably on the second page? it's been a while for me since I have used that program.
must be all that rtp in your diet
ChaoticGood, just spend time browsing through the event menu. The "Show Battle Animation" command is right there and does exactly what it says on the tin. Dig around and familiarize yourself with the commands.
thats what i have been doing since i got ahold of the program what i'm making is not anything really important other then a practice to get familier with a program
but as i get better as i go along who knows it might be epic haha (one can only hope)

i got storys and plots out the wazoo due to years of DnD

AND when i get better at the program and make a modern'esq project i'll put my own jams in there

sorry i don't ( @saidname) but this forum doesn't seem to be IE friendly
maybe firefox will help ^_^
The world isn't IE friendly, you should be using Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. :)

D&D Campaigns run when we were younger are a great source of story ideas aren't they?
ok, i'm getting the hang of this

i set up another event when i try to leave the map, and then theres some dialog then a battle, since it's a event set up when stepping on the selected space and not when you talk to a npc

how to i go about getting rid of the npcs after the battle?

do i clone the map and remove the npcs, set up a screen transition after the boss battle
then have my lil dialog with my heros new friend or whatnot

and how do i add a new party member to the new battle?

i found a event tab with my custom monster group that says add party member but she doesn't show up
she doesn't show up at the start of my game which good but i would like to have her in this next battle and so on
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
A bit of advice- read the Help files and dig up some tutorials on the 'net. Then experiment. If you're still stuck, THEN come and ask for help. People will be much more likely to assist you when they see that you've already attempted to solve the problem on your own, as opposed to expecting them to hold your hand every step of the way.

*is in no mood to pull any punches*
i know, no one wants to hold hands with a scruffy guy such as myself
i;ll keep this in mind
and just to inform anyone who sees my question about the transition after this
after a whole morning of fiddling i figured it out
gotta love the teleport comand
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
For all I know you may have a whole line of people lining up to hold your hand, and you may be adorably cuddly and scruffy. I know I have a lot to learn too. I guess i just overreacted to seeing questions 2 days in a row, feeling it was a barrage and wondering "Why the heck doesn't he read the manual?". There's nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it, but there's something to be said for the process of attempting research first.

I didn't have to act all Bluh Bluh Huge S.O.B. about it though. Sorry.
no need to apologize
you had a legit reason for your post granted as you stated you didn't hold a punch but no worries
i don't bruise easy

but i guess this thread can be deleted since i figured what i wanted to do so know just need to build on this and make it a decent sized demo for it to get blammed haha

The switch thing I explained to you regarding the first question (about intros) can be used for a variety of things, which almost all boil down to having an event play once.

A) A treasure chest that can't be looted more than once
B) A battle that shouldn't be done twice
C) Cutscenes
For the npc to disappear after the battle is simple. When the battle is over, have another switch (called battle over or something) that will turn on. Then, on the NPC's event page, add a new page, and put it as a blank image, below hero, with nothing in the page. Have the switch button at the top left clicked on and have it set to be your battle over switch.

And I believe that if you want to add the new party member, you go to the event before the battle, and go "Change Party Members". It's on the first page, and you choose to add your new character.
thanks shady but i figured out all the goods to do what i needed i got my party member added but she didn't appear before the battle so i'm gonna have to go back and add that add party event a bit sooner in the lineup

right now i'm trying to link events
like where you need to go talk to someone before you can leave town
which i allready posted a new topic and got the info i needed now i just gotta find time to experiment
with said info
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