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who am i and how did i get in here
3150 yen is pretty close to $30, yeah.

Actually, its more like $38 USD. But thats cause the amarican dollar isnt to good. ( i think...)
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Thousands of dollars? For serious? Let's say I'm making graphics for you and you're paying me 20 dollars an hour. This set has 12 animations, 57 monsters, 88 faces, which presumably take me about 30-45 minutes each. Then 136 characters, which might take me about 20 minutes each. Then there are some icons, some animated furniture, and 4 new tilesets, which might take me another 20 hours all together. This is all assuming that my spriting technique is slow enough to drive Miss Daisy - a professional spriter should really be spending less time than that (not to mention creating better graphics), but I'll go easy. So all together that's maybe 150 hours of work.

... okay I guess that actually is thousands of dollars. Hrm! But even if I did buy it, I would never use all of it, so I think the commission comparison still breaks down. I guess I might use a third of it. If I were commissioning graphics, I'd only get graphics I was going to use. Also, I'd get graphics that looked way better than this.

Their primary market isn't us, anyway. It's the 15 year old kids who want to make Super Ralph RPG: Legend of Me and My Friends Fighting an Evil Empire with the Default Battle System. Those kids ain't gonna pay money to make their games better. And those of us who *would* pay money to make our games better ain't gonna use RTP.
I use RTP.

That said, if I was using VX I may think about it, but for now, naw. And by the time I'd want to use it it'd be accessable anyway. Still, kudos to them for supplying, even if they'd have to know it'd be ripped/released for free after a few buys.
The Facesets....... Nobunaga, Lady No, Masamune Date from Samurai Warriors.
*rides a high horse into the sunset*
If I thought anything was better than RTP for VX I'd use it. But apparently lots of people hate the RTP for VX.

Uh Locke $20 an hour for one thing is different than working 150 hours. My company works with a lot of freelance artists (different than graphic designers) that even at $40 sometimes $60 an hour they end up bailing 1/3rd of the way through the project.

Its weird how people don't want the money after 2 weeks of work.

The company has come to love freelance artists for brief projects like concept art, logos and mascotts, but not for full fledged projects like games. Then you need to go to a pro art company with 10 artists that can do the exact same art style, so when one person artist gets bored of a project, they just hand it off to the next person.
Thousands and thousands RMVX games are being produced with these resources as we speak, its only matter of time until the shitstorm approaches,embrace yourself...or maybe someone will finnally make great game in feudal japan.
Thousands? They don't go on sale until later this month right?
If Enterbrain were smart, they'd continue making free resources to encourage and increase the sales of their original product.
Thta wouldn't continue sales. If they were smart they would've had tougher restrictions on RPG Maker 2K3. The damage is already done though.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
If they were smart they would've had tougher restrictions on RPG Maker 2K3.

in my experience, this only encourages people to work to break said restrictions faster.
.. Especially if you read their open letter from long ago saying they wouldn't release RPG Maker 2k3 if people kept pirating 2k. I'm surprised this company is still in business.

edit >> Looking at them. I really don't like them. Too Asian.

Chipset racist
Why is people commenting on the price like it matters to them?
Who cares if it's a smart move or not on Enterbrain's side, aren't you all gonna get the resources for free eventually?
Your mom is a hero
I was secretly hoping for futuristic style resources. :<
LOL chipset racist. Once I make a game with an Asian theme and mythology I will use them. Such as Final Fantasy Legend 2.
Uhm. I.. I kind of hated the resources... :/
Also, I'd never, ever pay for an rtp-ish thing, since I know it's going to be used all over. Even if it were, say, 25 cents. ( But I'd donate. )

I'd pay for something original... Or else, I'd stick to the rtp or free resources. But that's jsut me (and all the people who've just said that)

Edit: I really liked the facesets, tough.
The Facesets....... Nobunaga, Lady No, Masamune Date from Samurai Warriors.

I can't wait for the set that has Charlemagne from Age of Empires.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Yuck. I'd rather sprite my own. However, I'm tempted to buy them as way of support and make a Quest of Dude game.
I liked the faces and stills, but the whole set is too serious looking. I'd rather sprite resources myself though even though I'm not at all an expert at doing so.
I'm pitching 'Tales of a Drunken Samurai'.
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