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Devil's in the details
I can't speak behalf of everyone when I want to highlight the importance of management options for users' personal lockers, but if there were a few mentionable options, it'd make my life a lot easier at least.

Today at work I was cleaning up my RMN locker and I managed to spend at least an hour doing so. The main problem was being not able to delete more than one file at a time and after every time doing so I was thrown back to the first page of my locker again, so I had to relocate the part where I was left. One very convinent option would be the ability to delete multiple files at a time, maybe by checkboxing them or something?

It would also be handful being able to sort the files by their size, or date added, seeing these details are also included on the list.

Mostly I'd just want to be able to delete multiple files and after doing so automatically being able to return to the same locker page.

As far I know there is also a glitch where your previous file would show up if you uploaded a new version of it in your locker with the same name. Or is this related to the browser cookies or something?

Anyway, I don't know how hard these changes would be to apply, but I think they would greatly improve the locker accessibility for people like me who use it a lot when working in collaboration with other RMNers.

I think the RMN locker is very, very useful tool for people who collaborate in projects with other people here on RMN. It's an easy and quick online storage system to access and to upload previews of your work (graphics, music, scripts, anything) to show to the other developers and I like how it's connected to the place where you can find everyting - the developers as well as the final products being worked on here.

As I think the lockers are maybe a slightly underrated, but one of RMN's strong features, it'd be great to see these small changes made to improve their accesibility.

ps. I still haven't got my entire locker cleaned up.
^ I've been considering making this exact topic for a while ^

I was just scared of looking ungrateful considering it's free storage right here on rmn for stuff instead of having to use somewhere external.
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