I'm still trying to decide whether or not going completely realistic is a good idea. Right about now, I'm feeling that the bluer trees are working better, although I might tone them down just a little.
I'm still trying to decide whether or not going completely realistic is a good idea. Right about now, I'm feeling that the bluer trees are working better, although I might tone them down just a little.

I really liked the first screen best tbh
There are some things that bother the eye when you see them on a forum, asking for feedback, but they wouldn't bother you if you were just playing the game. The color of those trees is definitely one of those things. All versions look fine to me.
@Lennon: I like the blue trees, they give it a nice comical touch

I still think you should change the flowers to something more like the ones I edited, but that's totally up to you. :P
Yeah, that's true. I have to make sure that I make that the number one concern here. In the interest of sticking to a more realistic and serious tone, I think I'll go back to the "normal" colored trees. Thanks for all the feedback, guys.
Er, what? You are trying for a realistic look?

You do realize that your tiles could easily be likened to Earthbound, possibly one of the most out-there, beyond realistic, and bizarre games.

The darker blue trees (second blue edit) were the best thus far.

edit: That being said, using the original trees but making the grass bluer would work as well (possibly even better than the trees being blue)

edit 2: Like this!

Devil's in the details
You could go on forever about which color you find best for a tree, grass, or whatever tile is in question. You can really use any color for any object you want, but the thing you have to be paying attention to is the general pattern of colors for the complete set. You should pick a few tones that go along together. It doesn't really matter if your trees are pink, green, blue or yellow. Just make sure the rest of the pattern in the screen goes along with it.

If you want to have the warm colored trees as in your first screen, then the only thing you need to change in the color pattern is the darker trees. Just change their tone more towards green or brown and you're good to go.

Prexus: That is very vibrant color pattern. It looks kind of nice first, but soon you find it hard to pick a focus in the picture and it will tire your eyes in the long run. It's mostly because every color in your picture fights for attention of the eye.

My conclusion is that your screen was on the right track all along Lennon and all the feedback you got took it in the wrong direction. You can vary the tones more, but the tonal changes were made to wrong direction, or most of all, they were too harsh. What really was breaking your color pattern actually was the set of flowers.
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I would so play that.
^ Saturn Valley?

Rei: My point in making the grass blue was that cool colors actually detract your eye from them, putting the untextured blue grass in the background and bringing the trees forward for the eye to see. However, it would look best as a night-time or cool area setting.

Your point is valid, but the original is by no means the best rendition. Having the trees and grass the exact same shade of green is poor use of color. He isn't limited by palette, and shouldn't be spriting as if he is.
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you're funny guy calunio.

Of course you should be limited by palette. It just means you have to choose your palette better.

ps. even in my screen the palette isn't as smooth as it could be, but I hope I get my point across.
I just think it's funny that subtle color issues have occupied three pages of this topic. People that obsessive about details never finish games. Just saying.
Devil's in the details
Sole purpose of this topic is to improve the graphics of your project.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Prexus's version looks like a graveyard (Threed?), Calunio's looks like a bubblegum dreamscape (Magicant?), and Rei's looks like a more serious game than Earthbound.

Edit: Yeah, Calunio has a point, but I AM IGNORING IT. Haw haw! That's probably why two and a half months into my game I'm still making my first dungeon. Hrm. It's odd that I obsess over minor details in graphics when doing game design even though I couldn't possibly care less about graphics when actually playing a game. I wonder if a lot of other people are the same way.
calunio my eyes are bleeding thank you.
calunio my eyes are bleeding thank you.

I guess you're not allowed to play Molasses Meow, then.
Yeah, the original version was perfect for the place that it occupies in the story/world/etc. Prexus' colors look nice, as well as Rei-'s and many others, but they aren't suited to the area itself.

Calunio, you make a good point about how obsessing is a major reason that nothing gets done. I'm finish with that chip now anyways, and I've moved on to making other stuff. But, once again, thanks a lot for all the suggestions, guys.

EDIT: @Prexus: I realize that I'm not limited by palette, I know that very well. I could have made the trees golden and pink if I really felt like it. Like I said, I want a more realistic look - not in terms of photorealistic tiles, but in terms of the fact that you do not see blue trees and grass in broad daylight, at least not to my knowledge. I want it to be serious in the vein that it wouldn't be set in some rainbow candyland like a more off the wall game.
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I really like Rei's palette.
As do I, but it would be more suited to an arid/savannah environment.
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edit: this is not a rant thread woops

I love Rei-'s palette but also Prexus' for nighttime