Thanks for all the compliments on my latest screen. There is about a two or three year gap between the oldest sprites and the newest ones, and I was worried they would clash, but it looks like they still fit together nicely.

LockeZ - I might go for a break in the fence as a way to sneak in, or the old wait for a vehicle to pass and jump in the back routine. There could even be crate stacking for a quick hop over the fence. I keep thinking back to getting into the base in Deus Ex. Maybe you buy the commander a couple of beers at a bar and he slips you some access papers?

EDIT - Top of page, time for another screen I guess...

My combo tileset for the town exterior+interior isn't quite finished yet. I'm still trying to find leftover spaces for things like chairs and a couple other elements I want to put back in.

Eh, why not? It's not like I've said much else about my game here.

Anyways, I'm trying to change my approach to map design. My original version of a certain scene. (Note the obvious problem with the ring of grass that shouldn't be there.)

My modified version (with changed dialogue as well, to reflect changed characterization.)

Sorry if it looks a little pixelated--I might have screwed up the resize.

Anyways, I'm fairly certain this is better, but I'm not sure how much more I need to do. I don't want to make it too busy, but I don't want it to be bland, either.

Edit: Can't get the images to show up, so I'll link them instead.
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@Killer Wolf - There's no alcohol in that bar? Also those ToP mountain tiles don't really blend in that well with that sand, they really stick out. Other than that it looks great, love the sprites.

Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
You have a really nice style going on there Tau!
Tau man, my only complaint is that the pano is wildly out of perspective. Maybe just a sky would suffice.
Lone Wolf, or something cool.
This is the Poor Part in my game, its supposed to be a cold, desolate place. Hope I managed to give that feeling. What do you guys think?

This is the Poor Part in my game, its supposed to be a cold, desolate place. Hope I managed to give that feeling. What do you guys think?

Cold, desolate places don't usually have waterfalls and lilypads :-/
You might want to change the palette and have it consist on blue, gray tones. Maybe add a fog. And yeah, healthy looking trees and vegetation do not give an impression of hard, cold, desolate.
Lone Wolf, or something cool.
Well, the thing is, that due to some internal strife, that part of the town was left. Only small groups of people live there, and due to that, nature has claimed its toll.
I am still working on some atmospherics, to give the player that feeling that he's "alone".

Thanks for the feedback!
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Tau man, my only complaint is that the pano is wildly out of perspective. Maybe just a sky would suffice.

I'm getting that comment a lot actually, that the perspective is off. I'll try a little update and see how it goes. Also thanks UPRC!

Edit - I forgot about the parts of the panorama you can't see. This is it here..

I don't have enough skill to edit those towers and what not out. I don't even know what game this is from. I think I might just leave it as is.
@Tau: Don't worry about the perspective. As everybody should know, that's a very common 'trick' from old school games. It kinda surprises me that there are people still complaining about it, but I guess they didn't grow up with this kind of games or something. xP

Anyway, check this out and tell if it is ok:
I understand the complaints. The background is viewed from a first person perspective while the ground level is viewed from above (typical RTP view). It makes the floor look more like a wall than an actual floor.

It could be fixed by making the floor much smaller in height (y axis) and simulate depth with NPC's sizes and positions.
Screenshot from a new place im working on. Prayin' an' stuff.

Snow Owl The perspective is really weird. The knotwork crosses look like they're almost laying flat and the angle the table is on to the camera does not match with the walls at the back.
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Ohk Thank you so much AE your the man for doing that. Anyway is this any better perspective wise?

Also new or old?

The bottom one. The image has more meaning to me visually. Maybe a font change, though... It looks nice, but its hard on the eyes to me.
My mind is full of fuck.
I enjoy the first one better. Second one just doesn't make sense to the name.
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Old, top one, for me, definitely. The perspective looks really good there, imo.
Nice as the second is, it feels out of context. I like the first one better.
The first one could be better, but it looks like the title screen image itself has JPG artifacts, as evident around the title's text. I'd assume that it was just the screenshot, but there are none in or around the message box.