Been working on an oldschool dungeon crawl in the style of dungeon master.
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This reminds me of Eye of the Beholder 3.
What engine are you using to make that?
This reminds me of Eye of the Beholder 3.
What engine are you using to make that?

Ive never seen eye of the beholder 3 but I have played the first eye of the beholder and yes it is like that.
Its being programmed in the rpgtoolkit.
@grindalf It looks good... Though I am curious are you making the images yourself?
@old Tom Bombadil he's a merry fellow bright blue his jacket is.....whoops sorry :P
Yes I am. I wrote a program in Blitz3D to take a texture and snapshot it on a cube in all the needed positions.
I released the original source code for this idea a few years ago with an older version of the wall snapshot tool and older crapper version of the source code(its all been remade much better now. I just haven't gotten around to releasing it yet)

It would be easier to write the whole game in true 3D using Blitz3D rather than programming a flip3D engine but there's something I just love about the oldschool fake 3D style dungeon crawls.
@trentinxd That's a decent map! I might suggest some things like columns or paper on the desks. Maybe some designs on the floor to help make it a prettier map.
*sigh* This is, in theory, cool. But like ever, I can't build anything outta' it.
Oh, well...

(don't ask why brian's wearing a blue wig and the female soldier's clothes)
I have been pulling out my brain thinking how to make a train ride map that will give you a ''real ride feeling'' in my upcoming horror game. Densha Soul.'' After doing some tricky animations of the windows for days, this is my result of experiment and I and other team members are quit satisfied with it.

How do you guys think? I quite picky when it comes to creating map. I want my map didn't look too static, which means I wish it to be a bit lively (like moving or shaking plants when I made an outdoor map with windy weather, etc.)
blah blah...How do you guys think? ....blah blah

Thats an awesome effect, especially the screen shake.
My only crit is that the room looks to big. There should be chairs along the edge of the room. and the character should walk down the middle of the isles(if it wasnt for the screen shake and windows I would not think it was a train because of the design)

@Josephseraph that looks pretty sweet :D
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Attempt of Hoffzen for Wyrm Warriors:

One may recall that I had this description to go off of.
@Mightydarkchocolate, that's pretty cool, though I think that maybe scrolling parallaxes would make for a better window effect? Also, a stronger (faster) shaking could add in to be quite realistic, but I like it.

@Marrend, that looks like a somewhat plain, but very fun map.
And I'm very fond of "plain" maps considering the hatred I have for VX parallax maps with hundreds of lightning effects and 150 lines of shader code.
@MightyDarkChocolate take a look at this picture of a train. Notice how narrow it is, how the seats are all located by the windows. Noticed how it looks basically like a tube.

Thanks guys for the tips/comments & Alichains, those image is helpful. well, it's been a while I went on train ride, xd. Anyway, this is the latest and the best changes we could do so far!

No jolly window scenery like in the first video. Basically, it is about a hell a.k.a ghost train. I used RPG XP anyway, and find horror sources for RPG XP is quite scarce but that's the fun & challenging part. This is one of the intro map screenshot with shining red moon in the background that took whole day to be created. Just sharing.

I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Oh, that looks a lot more like a train, and I like it a lot.

The ghost's dialogue needs some proofreading XD
My only real suggestion (map wise) is randomize the screen shakes a little bit. They're currently running in perfect 4/4 time; even a randomization of 1 second either way will make it feel a little more... well, natural. As natural as a train gets anyways.
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that looks much better mightydarkchocolate
I find that map intriguing kory_toombs

Ive been working on a new imageset and a new enemy for my dungeon crawl
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I love it grindalf! One of the first games I ever made was a browser based fantasy game using MS paint graphics.
Ahhh, good memories.

Yours looks much more fun though.

Cryogenic tubes where you select your characters