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I was looking at the Engines section and i noticed there were no games under RPGToolkit.
Has anybody here used it, I tryed it out once and it seems very good for a free RPG maker.
And you can do quite a few things if you are willing to learn the scripting language
What do you think?
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The RPG Toolkit engine was just recently added and its description and accompanying files are not complete yet. I haven't personally used the RPG Toolkit in about five years but it was fairly usable back then and seems like it has only improved. It's still not as user friendly as RPG Maker, but it's better in this regards than ika or VERGE3. It has some scripting functionality and also allows for plugins. My main concern with it several years back is that games made it when very slow to play due to the framework being used but that doesn't seem to be a terrible issue anymore.
Oh i see so i guess any games made with it would be categorized as custom, since it was recently added
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Not many games get made with it. So that's why you don't see any.
It has pretty limited graphical support (no alpha) and the default audio support is horrible, but there is a FMOD plugin.

I really wouldn't recommend it over things like Gamemaker (even though I haven't used Gamemaker much at all, going by games other people have made it seems more capable.)
I wouldn't recomend it over GameMaker or RPGMaker either.
I was only wondering because it seems (as far as I can tell) to be the only plausable free alternative to RPGMaker (if I knew more about Gamemaker and RPGtoolkit I might think differently though)
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