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The ability to filter notices by whether they're a new post by the developer(s) of a game or it's just the inevitable 6 page shit-storm from everyone else that follows that post... Would be great. Basically the ability to filter non-author updates out of the notifications list, because unless it's a comment being made on something old, the chance is I'm gonna read the comments anyway (and we all know that ,because of notifications, most commenting happens within hours of a new post anyway).

If Neok posts a new blog.. I know that by the time I wake up/log in there's gonna be about 20 comments clogging up by notices, which is pretty whack.

Even better (but just dreaming here) would be a nested notifications of some sort (so, say if somebody else whose game I'm subscribed to posts a new image.. I get one notification saying "X Has posted a new image on Blah" and then an expandable list of "y commented on this post" or simply a link next to the notification with the number of comments which takes me to the newest comment when I click it). But I don't know exactly how that'd be implemented.

If any of this *was* done there should probably be an option left in to allow submissions to be viewed as they are now. This should probably be a configurable option in the user CP too.

EDIT: I should add that notification SORTING would ideally be added to that system.. SO I can rack up my notifications by either date added, or game, or post-type (images, blogs, reviews etc).

:) *hides from kentona*
Your mom is a hero
Can't you just go to Notices and filter by Blog Added? (sorted from most recent to oldest)
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