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I found a book on my company's online book repo for Gamemaker called "Getting Started with Game Maker" (my company rocks. There are also books on XNA and game programming and a host of other completely-unrelated-to-the-work-we-actually-do books)

Anywho, what I was wondering was, did anyone want to go through the lessons in this book with me?

I've never used Game Maker before, but this book seems like a good introduction. Through the course of the book we would make 5 games: Super Pong, Skybuster (breakout clone), Tank Battle (2 player competitive), Alien Attack (2 player co-op) and Arachnid Attack (not sure!). My vague idea is that every section (2 week intervals?) I would present the material for that chapter, and then we'd all work on the project, help each other out and then showcase our work once we are done. And then move on to the next chapter.

Would anyone be interested in participating in such a thing?
That would be cool, don't think I'd have time for all of them, but I would probably do some
This sounds like a great idea, kentona :D

I'd be interested in learning how to make more original gams outside of increasing workarounds in rm.

That would be cool, don't think I'd have time for all of them, but I would probably do some

Pretty sure, if it were organised properly, you/we could always come back to the thread to learn anything we may miss.
@NewBlack: what I meant was that I probably wouldn't have time to make a Game maker project ever two weeks like kentona was suggesting.
Not that I wouldn't be able to come back to the thread later and do it ;)
I just ballparked 2 weeks. I honestly have no idea how long it will take.

There are 11 chapters, and most courses I've taken are about a chapter a week, so I guessed 11 weeks/5 projects ~= 2 weeks each. Chances are it''ll take longer, and chances are some projects will take less time, while others take longer.
I'd be down for this for a few of the games. I've tried gamemaker before but compared to rpgmaker it seemed far more tedious, but I'll give it another shot!
who am i and how did i get in here
I want to be in. Must think. (dont know if i have time...)
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Although I have a bunch of experience with GM from screwing around in Spelunky, I'm sure this would be a good exercise. I'd try to find time for it! Though I have a lot to keep me busy coming up...
Well, if everyone is busy, I can put this off. (I know that I can always find other things to do!)

Maybe I will check again this summer for interest.
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