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Dude your amazing. The grapics for this game is second to none. I luv it. And Im a big graphics dude, so in my world graphis means everything. I will definitely be giving you a full reveiw after playing it.
The new version is up. Don't forget to check out the extra missions!
This game looks great. I'm definitely going to try this out sometime.
Man I am so glad that this is finally up. The anticipation was killing me!

I played a few levels yesterday and I really like the new tweaks. Also the new music is the best music I have ever heard in my life <3
this game is bad ass. i love the art work. game play is very solid.
I've uploaded the OST! Check the first post :)
No bad dude!

I wanna play it T___T''
You get my benachmark later on^^

Like the OST too ^_^
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