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I would like to show you a project we are developing since a few months: the "FreankExpo".
It is a website that gathers and collects a great ammount of freeware indie games.
we want to extend our limits to other countries, this means that we'll translate our website in several languages.
Here, with our project, the registered Users will be able to upload their games; so, their works will be avaible to every user of the world wide web, with this the author can also read comments on his games and the rating of it, based on the reaction of every single player.
The "FreankExpo" wont challenge any forum or comunity on game-making, we simply want to grant you a platform where you'll be able to share your games with the entire world, this will give to your projects a fast and easy way to be known.
This is not an appropriate topic.

Please do not recreate it or advertise your own websites in this way.
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