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Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.
In honor of rpgmaker.net’s fourth birthday, and to celebrate our awesome users which have helped keep the sitet going, we are going to have an official site contest on June 3rd, 2011*. The contest will take the form of a 34-hour game making event in which users will have threefour consecutive hours to make a game and submit it to be judged. To make the contest more accessible to everyone the game can be created during any block of threefour hours on June 3rd as long as it gets submitted by midnight. Yes, this means we will be using the honor system – please don’t take the internets too seriously. There will be a theme for the contest that will be revealed at midnight on June 2nd, 2011. Further details regarding how to submit your games and the names of the judges will be solidified during the next two weeks.

All contestants will receive achievements and the winner will receive a monetary prize ($25). Losers will receive a complimentary t-shirt** and the sudden realization that they are forever alone on a Friday night. We may see what else we can scrounge up for participants.


- no restrictions on engine or graphics
- the 24 hour period will be for June 3rd central time zone
- the event period has now been switched to 4-hours per kentona's suggestion.
- people shouldn't back out because they can't make an "epic" or "worthwhile" game in the 4-hours. Most attempts are either end up being humorous or have some other gimmick. Develop them further after the deadline if you like.

tl;dr We are having a 34-hour contest on June 3rd with a CASH MONEY prize.

* Yes, we realize rpgmaker.net officially launched on June 2nd, 2007, but we felt that having this on a weekend night may make the contest more accessible.

** Not really.

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
This is really cool! :D
I'll more than likely join!

(25 bucks?! That's like basically handing me Star Wars collectibles. <3 )

But, I'll probably not win it. :)
So, would people in other countries do it on *their* June 3rd? I might join up.
It would be awesome if we got a t-shirt though.

Can we get the 25 bucks in Disney Dollars?
Ouch... Fridays are my worst days.
Great idea though.
Waiting for official rules to know what kind of resources can we use, etc.
And I was excited about the T-shirt. :(
It should've been a 4-hour
It should've been a 4-hour

I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari
Sweet contest!...3 hours? Damn! I'm not a total noob at RpgmakerVX, BUT I do not know if I could throw together one in three hours. XD

Would be fun to try at least though. :)
Who said anything about VX?

Free engine choice, right?
I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari
I believe the contest is going to be free engine choice...but I use VX.
>.> LOL and I have made only like 2 games on it, Ever. ^^;; both bad.
Hmm, I promised myself that I would participate in the next time constrained game making contest here, as I have many ideas for it... but 3 hours kinda kills all those ideas.

Any way to extend it to a full day?
The idea is that you can never have an idea for a contest before knowing the contest's theme and specifications.

I like the 3-hour limit.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I personally like the 3 hour limit as well, I'm kinda excited about what the theme is gonna be and working in such a small amount of time is neat!

I don't think anyone should expect grade-A games though, haha.
Though, when you think about it, if you just sit down for 3 hours straight and work on an rm project you can get some good work done!
3h is usually not enough for me to make a tileset, not enough to plan a specific game location, not enough to come up with a general game concept idea, not enough to code a complicated system, etc. Doing all those things in 3h should be... stressing. And fun. :D
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Ha, yeah, I guess if you have 3hrs to work on a already established game you can get some good work done. Otherwise...
But oh boy, stressing and fun indeed! :D
I love doing these. Count me in.
a 3 hour time limit is a great excuse to lower your over-weening standards and need for perfection in order to just get something made. I love the idea :)

I also would love an rpgmaker.net t-shirt.
Good news! If you win the $25 cash prize you can make your own RMN t-shirt! All you need is an iron and a printer that has a matching heat transfer paper! Just print out the RMN logo on a sheet of heat transfer paper (mirror the image first), press it onto a new t-shirt (pick your favorite color!) and BAM your very own RMN t-shirt! Be the first to own one today!
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