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Can you guys recommend me some cool RPGs that are great? I like adventure rpgs that are in the low tech past ages (Ara Fell, The Way, Three The Hard Way were all good)

I've went through all the 5 star rated in the A-Z games, but there are too many >.<

Some help would be great. Thanks
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Kinetic Cipher (Again).
WIP should have also probably recommended "The Frozen World", so I'm going to pretend he did and second that!

But uh, can you be more specific? Are you looking for primarily traditional RPGs? Or just games that are made in Rpg Maker? There are a couple games out there that really break the mold that are absolutely amazing.

Aurora Wing:
This game is a pretty cool strategy game!

Grave Spirit:
This is a really amazing stylistic adventure puzzle game!

Legacies of Dondoran:
This is (from what I've heard) a very long and quality game. I haven't really progressed very far into it, but I intend to. This is a more traditional RPG.

The Frozen World:
The Frozen World is probably the game I recommend most. It's also probably the only complete game with a custom battle system and menu. Lys is also one hell of a story teller.

You also might want to check out this game called Sunset over Imdahadhljdslfkjsdalfkj, it's extremely good, though it isn't really an rpg. Can someone check my spelling? I think I'm slightly wrong.

Oh, and keep in mind I only posted complete games! There are other good demos out there. But who plays demos anyway?

Alright. Here are some games i recommend.

Demon Destiny 1-

Demon Destiny 1-

Demon Destiny 1-

Demon Destiny 1-

There are no others. ;D

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Hero's Realm is sort of like HEY I AM OLD SCHOOL yet also kind of on Ritalin.

Dragon Fantasy is basically the exact same game (all old-school games are the exact same) but with a different battle system.

EDIT: oh and Versus Xerza is a complete epic with cute graphics and deadly random encounters~!~!~!!!!~~~~~!~!!~!!~!
I haven't played a huge amount of games here but I would recommend Ara Fell and Legacies of Dondoran as well, I haven't played the Frozen World yet. I really want to though.
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EDIT: oh and Versus Xerza is a complete epic with cute graphics and deadly random encounters~!~!~!!!!~~~~~!~!!~!!~!
Plus, your characters have stats.

Master of the Wind is a good RXMP game.
A Blurred Line is pratically a classic.
Alter A.I.L.A. is great (so I hear).
Ara Fell is a fun.
Battle City RM2k Gold is a super fun non-RPG made in rpgmaker.
Beloved Rapture is pretty.

And that takes us through the A's and B's. Check out for the Misaos, a community award for good games, for more recommendations.
My game will be good...when it's longer then 10 minutes!

Many of the games mentioned are excellent, but here are some others worth trying:

Romancing Walker
ONYX 1 and 2
Starless Umbra
I second Everlong, especially if you like Final Fantasy-like games. Also highly reccomended and in the same vein is Last Scenario, arguably one of the only completed RPG Maker XP games that could have only been done on RPG Maker XP.

Yes, DEFINITELY Alter A.I.L.A. It does have a lot of swearing and some blood.... But oh well.
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