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Okay, more of a repeat from my blogs today than anything else, but here's the situation.

Looking in my rm2k and rm2k3 projects folders, I see versions of my games from 3 months ago when I first got this computer, and not the updated (larger) versions of them that I see when I open up the 2k and 2k3 programs themselves. So naturally, you'd think they're just being saved somewhere else, right? No, it says that the projects are opening in program files/ascii/rpgmaker2000/projects in the editor. So how the hell do the new versions keep being saved in the editor but not in main projects folder? Anyone have this problem before?

Just as a note, the OS is Windows 7, and I've changed my permissions so that I have full control over these folders.

I have found a way to sort of remedy the problem of not being able to save these projects, and that is by creating a game disk. However, I would still like the main projects folders to show the progress I'm making so that I can copy and edit them on other computers if need be.
Look at the blue-green bar in windows explorer, above the files list. There must be a button "compatibility files" (when you are in your project folder). Click on it :)

This thing happens because RPG Maker probably doesn't run with administrator privileges, thus it has no write access to "c:\Program Files" (I assume your project is located in c:\Program Files\rpg2003\Project\something, isn't it? That's the reason^^). Windows will reroute the write attempts to a compatibility folder.

Copy the "old" state of the project to some other place (preferrably inside of your personal folder, e.g. inside "Documents"), then copy the latest state (from the compatibility folder) to the same place and overwrite existing files.
Thanks! It works, but am I going to have to do this every time I work on a project? Is there a way to make it do this automatically, or did it just do that when I clicked it?
you should be able to pop into the editor's properties (right-click on the editor's executable) and set it to run as administrator automatically by going to the compatibility tab.

i say this, of course, without knowing anything really about how the editor is nowadays. i had to do this with game maker 8.1 because the updater needs access to /program files, and after i checked that box, i didn't really have problems after that.
I was thinking it can't be as simple as that... but then I tried it and I'm pretty sure you're right lol. Thanks!
Well, you actually shouldn't run applications permanently as administrator. The better way would be moving your "Project" folder from c:\program files\rpg2003 to "Documents", "Games" or somewhere else inside your personal folder.
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