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I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
I'm in need of someone who can pixel decently. I'm working on a Final Fantasy game. Yes, I am working on making it. To bring back the old style that I grew up with, instead of the crap being released as of lately.

The Rpg Maker being used, is Rpg Maker 2003. But I'm using the David Overdrive Patch. Just to let you know. I need someone who can do battle backdrops, Monster sprites, Battle Sprites for the characters, and just sprites for walking around. I know that this may be a lot to ask for, but I am giving you, the Artist, 100% creative access. Just make new art, that would fit for Final Fantasy. Use your imagination to the fullest.

Now, if I cannot get my friend's help for music, is there anyone here willing to make music that would fit Final Fantasy? Midi or MP3 or even a mix of both, even though it would be pointless for that part of it.

I don't have any sort of dead-line, just as long as whomever joins, does get it done, at-least.


I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
Sorry for the double post, but just really needing one as quick as possible. Peace.
You know, usually, when you invite someone to a project, you give them details. I don't mean to sound rude, but it's not really appealing for someone to do "anything that looks final fantasy". People want plot, people want characters, people want more than "just a final fantasy tribute". You don't even have a game page up, how are artists supposed to know what they're signing up for?

If I were you, I would put up a game page, a brief prologue/plot summary, and some character descriptions at the very least, and then come back here to look for an artist. =)
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Well, maybe he/she doesn't even want to post it here...
(Here only popular games lives short-lived lives on the featured board, then they sink back into nothing...)
But come on, it is his decision.. not yours... Plus that didn't even help him at all... :( Just that...
Anyways, I don't know to many people on RMN that are "artists", well I am never sure whether they drew it themselves or got it from Charas or something like that.
Speaking of which you COULD try that, looking for what you need there...
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I do sympathize with the sentiment of posting a proper, dedicated FF fangame here (such as having FF in the title) as being scary, but Saya is right; you've given artists no good reason to want to work on your project. I mean, most artist friends I have are busy with their own projects, and to be honest you're asking for a lot with no detail. We don't even know if you'll get it off the ground.

Here's an idea; build the game using things like charas to begin with, and once you have everything set out and built up properly, THEN ask for an artist. Having a fan-base for a game makes it a lot easier to find and acquire people who would be willing to work with you.
Actually, as a little tangent, I think the one nice thing about that request is that Thiamor will be giving the artist complete artistic freedom within the confines of your typical FF-style JRPG look. I imagine that being a lot more fun for the artist than simply having to follow something to the letter. However, yeah, people here don't tend to be interested in collaborating on a project unless they know beforehand that it'll be worth their investment in time and energy and that the person they're working with is reliable and has a well-thought-out idea and vision for the game's direction.
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What does "anything that looks Final Fantasy" mean if concept art from Final Fantasy XII is called out for not looking like a Final Fantasy game?

That's a totally different issue, though.
That IS a lot to ask for. Depending on how many actors your game will have, creating original animations is not an easy task. Making them is one thing, making them look GOOD and FLUID is a whole other task. You would need someone with talent and experience. Someone like that is not going to take a leap of faith based on the info you provided. Fangames are a dime a dozen and most of them fail. (ironically I'm creating a FF fangame xDDD, but I'm using the existing graphics and making some edits myself. plus I'm using gameboy style so at least it's not your usual FF fangame? heh)

These kinds of threads happen on a regular basis and it's rare to see them fulfilled and the game actualized. There's nothing wrong with asking around but for best results do it right. Who are you? What have you worked on in the past? What skills are YOU bringing to table? Who else is invloved? How grand do you expect the game to be? What's the story? Who's the writer?(most fangames have terrible story/dialogue) You might think "well if someone wants to know more I can explain it to them in more detail", but the person reading this won't have any interest to even bother trying to contact you for more info. Why would they? Sell yourself a bit more. Help us understand why your game will succeed and why it will be good.
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
Yeah. I didn't explain any further as it is kind of hard when you're giving them complete artistic control. To explain what you need in terms of art would take away from that by each little bit.

But maybe this will help out a bit more.

The style I'm looking for, would be the style (not really how it looks, but I cannot explain it with any other word, my bad) of Final Fantasy 3. The one with Kefka.

I don't want to say anything else, as it would only decrease their control a bit more. If they know of how the old styled games looked like and felt, then that can/may help them out a little-bit more.

Oh, and I do realize that I should have posted the story, but you cannot blame me for forgetting. I was tired, but was still dedicated in getting this topic posted before resting. So of-course a few things would be left out. But I'll add right now, the basic story of it. Also it may seem a bit cliche, but all fan games that try to stay true to the series, will be just that.

I do have the basics of the story down. It is set in a world that is highly advanced in terms of technology. Most of the people in this world work in the field of Science. No one believes in anything that is magical. They deem these instances merely as Illusions as they feel they aren't really happening, that only their senses are being deceived. The evil that is threatening the world, such is how all FF got their name, is the final source of evil, that would destroy their world, is that of a man who has been bound to the force that fills the entire planet. A magical Wave. He is duty-bound to protect it and he is growing tired of it; tired of having to live out his life, protecting something that he never wished upon himself as well as never leaving, as he must stay hidden in secrecy. His home land, his village, his race, must never go outside of their barrier. So he decides to take hold of the Wave of Magic and absorb it into his being, to use this new-found power to create a world more suited to his desires. That desire is to wipe it of all existence so he is the only one left, so he doesn't have to worry about hiding anything, from anyone. Ever again.

This is the basic story. I know it seems over-used in Final Fantasy. What with advanced technology and magic. But it has to have those things, in my opinion, to be true to the roots of the series. Well not much the technology, but it helps.

I am the writer. I am the one putting the game together, as well. I already have a friend willing to make the music free-of-charge. I just need like 10-20 some monsters made up, some character sprites as well as battle sprites. This is so I can create a demo as soon as possible. I feel, when creating a game, people don't actually go for making the demo. It just so happens, they release one later on. I want to make the demo firstly.
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
Until I can get an Artist, can anyone link me to Final Fantasy Battle Characters? Decent sized ones that still fit on RPG Maker 2003?
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