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When I test my project on rpg maker 2003 the screen blinks ( flashes black ) randomly, it gets annoying, how do I stop this, should I download a patch? If so which patch would fix this problem.
I made a tool called AnotherFullscreenMode, which fixes all sorts of graphical problems in fullscreen mode:

{Copy & Paste}

I wrote a tool which stretches the game to fullscreen without changing the resolution, it also allows you to apply a filter (Scale2x or hq2x) for better graphics.

This is a little tool which lets you play RPG Maker 2000/2003 games in fullscreen - without changing the resolution. This is a workaround for people who have problems with their screen or their graphics driver. AnotherFullscreenMode needs at least a 1 GHz CPU to run without lagging.

First, start your game (in windowed mode). Then start AnotherFullscreenMode. By pressing F6 you can switch between fullscreen and windowed mode, F7 shows or hides the FPS.

Using F8, you can set the filter: none -> Scale2x -> hq2x

Example screen with hq2x (in windowed mode):
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I'm glad I"m not the only one experiencing this problem, although it's nowhere near as crippling as the problems my computer's having running VX.
I haven't been able to play Rpgmaker on fullscreen since I abandoned CRT monitors. I wonder if this means full screen works on LCD monitors too.
Thanks a-lot Cherry, I thought it was just an issue with rm2k3 itself but on my laptop it blinks a-lot while on my desktop which uses and LCD monitor seems to be O.K or blinks less. I for some reason it stopped just now when I tested it on my laptop again but I cant be too sure. P.S hq2x looks smooth as hell, cant wait to try it out. Zsnes and some other emulators have this kind of effect with graphics also.
@ Cherry: It doesn't work well, I use windows 7 maybe that's why, but when I press F6 it just stretches the screen, F7 to show the Frame rate bar doesn't work and F8 to switch modes also does nothing. Any help with this? or any other patch that's maybe windows 7 compatible? Are you sure this is for 2k3 or XP?
Cherry, you are awesome. This is an amazing tool!
@Emanzi: Are you sure you started the game in windowed mode before? F6 strechtes the screen, exactly, because this mode doesn't blink. Or does it?
I switched to windowed mode in the editor, It doesn't blink so which was a relief, everything looks a little wide but that's O.K (^-^). I'm just having trouble enabling the filtered graphics and viewing the frame rate bar (-_-), Is their an alternative to F7 and F8 since my F7 and F8 are in-built volume-control keys even if they worked it would e.g mute every-time I switch the graphics filter on or off and they might be in the way of your coding I'm note sure why it doesn't work.
That's a strange keyboard... No, there is no such alternative. Maybe you have a special key on your keyboard (like Fn) which will make F7/F8 work normally when pressed together with that key?
Cherry, I am currently at work and in no position to download your program yet. But I have a question. My rm2k3 game is using a power patch which allows 9999 stats, etc. and other statistical fixes. Does this program take that into consideration or is it standard rtp.exe? Or does it not deal with that at all and is a front-end loader?
AnotherFullscreenMode does not modify anything of your project. You start it independently, when the game is already running. It will then "take ownership" of the game's window, hide it, create a new window and then repeatedly get the content of the old, hidden window, apply filters if necessary and display it in the new window. The new window can also be fullscreen (without changing the resolution).
Maybe you have a special key on your keyboard (like Fn) which will make F7/F8 work normally when pressed together with that key?

Ah, thanks, I found Fn on the keyboard and your program works great thanks. I especially like the hq2x filter. Is this also possible on other makers e.g RMXP or is this software strictly for RM2k3?
I tried creating a RMXP version, but it's not so easy because RMXP uses 24-bit color and a higher resolution. This will result in color loss and also will be 4 times slower. Plus, RMXP uses a different method of key input which causes problems with the way I "hook" the game window.
program works great. However, (not since I downloaded your program, but earlier) for no reason at all, rm2k3 starts stalling for 10-15 seconds prior to ANY battle I fight in game. Like its actually 'loading' the battle, when 3-4 months ago, it was instantly loading every battle on contact. And in the editor itself, the database usually takes 5 seconds to load whenever I hit up a new tab. Any reasons why this could be happening now, all of a sudden?
Maybe you erroneously have a huge amount of monster groups (50000+)?
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wow, Cherry, you really are a supergeek, i'm in admiration!
and you must really love rm2k3.........?
@Darkflamewolf: Does it only happen on your computer and/or only with your project? Maybe you could send me your project, I'll look what exactly the game does in those 10 seconds (and why).
@chana: Thank you!
It's worst with this program : The "Start" bar and some windows frames are blinking over the game....

I have Windows 7, and I have more than 1 GHz CPU.

EDIT : Oh, it's working now, but the screen is still blinking. And the game has big pixels or a weird looking with the filters.

Thank you anyway, Cherry !
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