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...Would be the most useful and awesome addition to RMN's locker functionality. (filesize, I should say)

Especially when it comes time to clear the buggers out.
imo the most useful addition would be FOLDERS
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
imo the most useful addition would be FOLDERS

um, yes

folders + ftp would be delicious (the former the most so)
The reason it doesn't sort on filesize is because filesize is not stored in the database, it is read from the file system when you view your locker. I could start storing it in the database, but it would be a massive undertaking to get all of the current filesizes into the database for the filesize sort to be of any use.

Folders might be a fun option to try to implement.
So, after thinking about this some more it was actually pretty easy to implement sorting on filesize.

I wrote a little script that will update the database with all of the filesizes and then added the appropriate code to make sure filesize is added when a file is uploaded to the locker.

This may or may not make it to the site before RMN4.
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