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(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Just read the story (Serial Killer 2.0 by Killer Wolf), sounds pretty tough but definitely interesting (I like how the story came about!).
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
I pretty much gave up on an idea I had about a guy who lives in a bedroom apartment, orders pizza so he doesn't leave the room, and just plays a MMO all game.
Oh wait.
Raise your hand if you might consider unabandoning one of your mentioned projects in case someone in this topic says "hey, that's a pretty cool idea".

*raises hand*

Actually, I've already considered remaking a handful of my abandoned games when Wolfcoder is completely done with RPG Maker 20XX.

Still, someone should say how much they like the story of Monster Uprising. >.>
At the moment there's two "unused game ideas" topics literally right next to each other
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Still, someone should say how much they like the story of Monster Uprising. >.>
Sounds interesting, except the end : hard to follow a character even a villain only to see him die in the end, I would go all the way, and have him triumph over the human race!
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
That or he doesn't die, but is run off. Beaten so bad that his race doesn't want anything to do with him and the Human Race doesn't, either.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I totally approve of tragedies.
I totally approve of tragedies.

That's exactly what I was going for. It was supposed be tragic and heart-wrenching to see the characters you theoretically grew to love die in front of you; I wanted to make the player scream out loud: "What!?!? NO! PLEASE GOD NO!!
Hmmm, let me see what comes to mind.

Chrono Break
I know, right? The story was a prequel to Chrono Trigger set on a distant planet. The main character is tricked into activating the Chrono Break, which stops the flow of time, though only the main character (and the main antagonists as well as monsters, etc.) are unaffected. However, the main character is the Chrono Trigger, and is capable of restoring the flow of time to other characters and objects, allowing them to join the party. Ultimately, the player encounters Schala, who has traveled back in time to stop the birth of Lavos, who originates on this planet.
Ultimately, the scope was too large and I had little incentive to go anywhere with the project.

Star Ocean: Something or Other
Another fangame... >_> This one was pretty neat in the planning stage, and I had a rather complex cast of characters. You could choose one of three characters as your player character and different characters were recruited depending on who you played as. Again, scope killed it.

I've got more, which I'll share later.
I've started plenty projects but only four of them were awarded real work from my part.

Death Destiny (lame) was my first "real" project ever. It was all in FF6 rip and featured a rebellion hiding in the mountains fighting off an empire. I started doing the game at a scene roughly at 20% in the game progression and it was cool but I stopped working on it when I realised that whole game was nothing more than that scene in my head.

Genetic Frontier was my second project. It was a sci-fi RPG that would involve a big plot. There would be four episodes to the game. The story was on a random planet with various races fighting for power over it. One episode for each of the three races, following each time an protagonist very special within it's race and the fourth episode would be all of them together to stop a bigger power. Dropped after maybe 30 minutes of gameplay in the first episode. Sci-fi ressources were almost non-existant and I was too young.

OrganiX Sun was the only "good" real project I ever had. I had a big story in mind, modified FF6 rip to my taste. It had a large cast of characters, I had already the whole story planned and spent weeks doing chipsets, charsets and such in advance. Then I started mapping and I did almost 2 hours of gameplay. It was really going well. But I was young and doing that on my mom's computer. And one day she formatted the thing up without telling me. I cried. I still think of that game often and wish I wouldn't have lost it.

Alkaizer was my most "mature" attempt at making a game. It wasn't really that much of game. Was more of an interactive movie. It was a story about a kid whos father left him, his mother and his siblings when he was young. He swore to find his father and make him realise all the wrong he had do to his family. My plans were to do a long interactive movie with explorations scenes, really deep in the emotional side. I stopped the project because I decided to stop doing games for the sake of putting more time on my classical piano studies.

That's about it.
Just read the story (Serial Killer 2.0 by Killer Wolf), sounds pretty tough but definitely interesting (I like how the story came about!).


It was a tough one to let go. I was over 350 images into art generation by the time I realized the story wasn't going quite where I wanted it to go. I kept working on it for a while, ignoring my concerns about the story in favor of tightening up some gameplay issues, like the lockpicking mini-game, but my ostrich approach didn't really accomplish anything and I ultimately stopped working on it.

I'd still love to make a game like it someday. A while back I figured out how to re-create the photo-capture feature in MMF2, as well as how to add effects like different vision modes to reveal clues... but then it just started to feel like I was approaching a point and click "Condemned" game, which while it would probably rock, wasn't exactly what I was aiming for.

At this point, I'm not sure if I'll ever release a game of any genre. I seem to have tried most of my ideas at least once, and now I'm just re-shuffling them around trying to find that magic bullet, the combination that will compel me to produce something other then rough sketches and reams of design documents.
The Fifth Dimension
This was an incredibly shitty RPG, but it was one that I got rather far into, almost having about 3-5 hours of gameplay when my hard drive failed. Even though it sucked, nostalgia makes me miss it.

Legacy of the Stars
Another shitty RPG of mine from back when I was still a bit of a noob. It had a rather solid cast of characters, but the game itself was a train wreck.

Star Harvester
Another shitty project that went nowhere. It had an all female cast of playable characters though.

First Fantasy
This is actually a project I wouldn't mind doing had I had the time and effort to actually put it together. The game was meant to be a remake of Final Fantasy 1 with a more complex story. At the beginning, you could form your party Seiken Densetsu 3 style, with each player representing one of eight classes (the originals + summoner and blue mage). Ultimately, time keeps the project in limbo, though if I do pick it up, it's not the only "nth Fantasy" I want to do. I've got solid ideas for a "Second Fantasy", "Seventh Fantasy", and "Eleventh Fantasy", but like I said, time...
Resident Nonexistence
My stuff more or less had a digital manifestation of itself.. too bad most or all of it was either completely discarded or changed.

A Desolate Earth
First RPG maker thing I did here. Ever. It's still under my management screen in fact.. All I did was rip entirely out of the XP example game (KNight-Blade for those who don't know) with the only original thing being story.. which sucked. A lot.
I'm pretty sure those who played what I considered a demo and remember what it was like could probably vouch for it's suckage.

Sure, I made the game and its page is still here, but I've completely stopped it in favor of my FPS. It did get the honor of ZPE's review... though his review said it wasn't worth it and I agreed with it :p

The World Between
You may think "this isn't abandoned! YOU HAVE AN ACTIVE GAME PROFILE FOR IT!" which is true. The game itself is not abandoned, but what you see now was not always there. You should have seen the original first few levels before I decided "F**K THIS MESS OF ENTITIES AND RANDOM CORRIDORS" and restarted the project from scratch. (well, the earliest screenshots give you a clue)
Hell, what takes me so long to push out actual levels is the fact that
A. I'm currently trying to debug what I currently have up for download and
B. Most of the level designs get scrapped due to either software limitations, my limitations (knowledge of the scripting language for example), or simply because I do not feel it fits

Some ideas that were scrapped were things such as
- a flooded level
- an underwater level
- some missile silo thingy
- stuff I either never wrote down or threw away :S

I've got solid ideas for a "Second Fantasy", "Seventh Fantasy", and "Eleventh Fantasy", but like I said, time...
So can we call the last game you make out of the series your...
FINAL FANTASY? Couldn't resist it, now matter how much sense it doesn't make nor how horrible it was :3
When I had found Blizz's ABS (a very neat script), 3 ideas had popped into my head and I've began detailing it for the next year. They're all superhero-related:

Savior: Advent
The main character found out that the quiet, chronically-absent girl in his class is really part of a secret organization that have battle creatures known as Fallens for centuries. Fallens are demons that have gain massive powers by fulfilling contracts with sinners (Faust-like). The conflict revolves around the main character decision to either continue fighting for humanity or to just live a normal life.

Savior: Antz
The main character goes to university where he met his former science teacher. She gives him a device that allows him to transform into Antz, a mechanical humanoid that resembles a red ant. The main character is recruited into a top secret military organization with other fellows like him that battle bug-like aliens that had arrived on a meteor and began breeding on earth. The story mainly focuses on the conflicts between the young and inexperienced main character and the older superheroes.

Savior: Agito
The protagonist is a superhero who visits the other worlds of other superheroes (all of my childhood creations) to help them in a Kingdom Hearts sort of way. After visiting the other worlds, the Protagonist is able to assume the forms of the other superheroes in a Ben 10 kind of way. Throughout his dimensional traveling, he encounters a single entity that has been scheming to destroy all worlds.

I just never put them into works because I prefer multi-member party than a single player battle-system.
I have a few projects I guess I abandoned. One was about an alien invasion. I started making it but then I wanted to have the player shoot at the aliens and it became annoying to code, so I gave up on it.

I also had an Idea for a Final Fantasy VI spin off. You would play a soldier in Vector who escapes the army. The story was going to add nothing from the original game. If a character in Final Fantasy VI would appear in the game it would be in a scene that actually happens in the original game. Kind of a fan game that doesn't try to imagine what characters might have done at other times, but only adds new characters that did things at the same time. I never started it though.
Lost Dimension: 30 Days
I've been making unfinished 2 player games for ages, there are many projects that I threw away because they were incomplete and I couldn't be bothered to progress them
my best game I think was the one where the main character was an Eskimo, you had 30 days to play this game, its like the game has its own countdown, and everyday that passes you must complete a task, or something bad happens. Really awesome, I remember the crystal cave that I made, was one of my best maps at the time :)
Asylum:questionable sanity
This was my first project I planned.
It was about girl named Lucy Lindberg, I still remember the name, daughter of prominent couple from high noble circles. This couple decided to have a son, so their lineage would be saved and could advance even further in social ranking, but they gave life to daughter. Angered, they atleast hoped that she would be vile, charming and beautiful, so they could manipulate their way up. But despite their best effort, she was sweet, nice girl with high morals and she could see supernatural. But then luck smiled upon the couple and they had a boy. Fearing that Lucy, as nice she was, could thwart their intrigues or even ashame their family, they devised a plan, misusing her gift of seeing the unseeable, they contacted family friend. Headmaster of local asylum, they declared she was insane and locked her away, using their connections, they wiped out all traces of her existence. They succeeded, Lucy tightly locked in asylum with no idea who she is, their son started to become vile, cold person, they were exalted with joy. But after many years, Lucys brother, high ranking officer, would get an anonymous letter, with evidence that he has sister. His parents would deny that they had daughter, Lucys brother not believing them ventures to find her. Then you start as Lucy, at the asylum.
I wanted to make half the game as Lucy and half the game as her brother,I planned some twists and turns.It should have RM2k3 DBS, CMS, sidequests, lots of minigames all this shit. But, I failed because I didnt had the knowledge to do CMS, minigames etc. etc. I may return to this game, only if I will have time on my hands.
Ultima Chronicles
basically, it was about some mute kid on some floating island. Some angel says hi, leaves. Pretty lame.....

Unnamed RPG
First project, and it sucked. I think it was about some kid going on some linear path with a gibberish storyline. Didn't make it for very long.
Lost Dimension: 30 DaysI've been making unfinished 2 player games for ages, there are many projects that I threw away because they were incomplete and I couldn't be bothered to progress them
my best game I think was the one where the main character was an Eskimo, you had 30 days to play this game, its like the game has its own countdown, and everyday that passes you must complete a task, or something bad happens. Really awesome, I remember the crystal cave that I made, was one of my best maps at the time :)
Why did you quit it? Lost the file? Didn't have enough experience with the program? In fact, what program did you use for it?
Most of the games I haven't followed through with haven't made it far. (To be honest, the farthest I've gotten with a game is just above 15 maps (without a story idea, and the mapping was crappy.)

But I do think I have some good ideas.

I was thinking of making a Roman theme game, but I decided not to work on that because I can't find Roman resources anywhere, excluding a battle background whose graphics didn't fit what I had envisioned for my game.

I was also thinking of a pirate game, where you go from town to town pillaging. I had some good concepts for it and a majority of my other games, but I guess I should save that for Game Design and Theory. TO be honest, I know of had a load of ideas that would turn out well in the right developer's hands, but I can't think of them all now. Most have been deleted because they started off so badly.

Currently, I think I have some exceptional ideas, and I don't want those to go waste. I have enough resources, but I think I need someone who is accustomed to making great RPGs. Yeah, I know, it's desperate. But if anyone is willing to help a noob(who's been working with RM2K3 for a half a year and still hasn't produced anything), I'd be grateful. If you don't have enough time though I understand. It isn't grave.
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