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I used to be here, I guess. I don't exactly remember, but I was talking on Bay12's IRC channel, and found G-Flex there. I realized he was from the RM* community (he didn't repost his games after the switch, so I don't even know what he did). I figured I go here before I tried to find whatever used to be GW, and I'll probably lurk moar and maybe post real reviews (to be fair, text shmup kicked ass). I stopped being here right around the same time WIP left, I think, but I wasn't even really active then.
I'm a dog pirate
Welcome! Have fun and make lots of games :)
So much stuff has really changed though... Magi got banned (and quit submissions, not that it mattered), Kentona is still cycling through various levels of being a moderator (that's actually the same, during the time I spent actively posting he changed between them three times) and GRS is a mod, and with the green username at that (never got around to figuring out how that effected S.F. Valle, but I'm pretty sure it was important).
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