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I'm kinda surprised by the featured game this month if I'm being honest? I swear it was just a small event game made years ago. It's a cute game but there's much more deserving titles out there on the site I feel. Especially given that event was awhile back now if I can even remember it haha.
I mean this is an open thread to suggest which ones would be better or more suited at this point.
Just because a game is small and made for an event, doesn't mean it's not quality. It's a good game that was especially memorable and an interesting play. Not every game featured needs to be a 20 hour epic RPG with fully custom graphics and OST. Sometimes something simple but hitting all the notes competently can be just as good, if not better.

It's short, it's sweet, it's memorable and it's fun. The presentation is really good and it's worthy of the spot.
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Never said it had to be some big epic game, I enjoyed Swan Song for what it was, it's incredibly impressive given the time constraints it was made under. I've always just thought the featured game spot was to showcase more current titles deserving of attention, shining a light on games being overlooked at the time kinda thing.

Nothing against Swan Song, I just thought it was a weird choice.
On another note, when's Among Thieves getting a Feature?
Or rather, when's Among Thieves getting finished?
Or rather, when's Among Thieves becoming uncancelled?
It's spoopy time.

(I dont have any suggestions but it's about that time.)
Chicken Blood by JustAShyDoge / Pudding?
Frogge's TR4 gam was super creepy too, but it was just a demo and he hasn't made a gampage for it yet.
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EXCALIBURIAN? I've not played the thing, so, take this suggestion with a grain of salt, but, there is something about an MV game with chibi-styled 2K characters.

Fairie Krystal (Highly Rated)
The Kidnapping of Princess Pri
Two Strangers
The Wizards Tower
Alter AILA
Red Syndrome
The Way (it didn't get a feature?! well, dang)
Glories of the Hunt
Silver Nights Crusaders
A Blurred Line (wtf, right?!)
The Frozen World (also wtf?!)
Razed are the Powerful
Grist of Flies
Legion Saga Series
Vindictive Drive
From Next Door
Virgo vs The Zodiac
Dream Quest: Knight and Princess
Star Child
Off the Table
Dream of Gluttony
Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God
Crypt of the Fungal Lord
Dead Again
I Want to Bring Her Back But I Don't Know How
Rust and Blood

I added a few more on.
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I can't remember if commercial games are allowed, but here's a game I really enjoyed recently!
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From what I can see of the Featured Game list, there has yet to be one that is also commercial. I can't say for sure what guidelines should be in place to determine if a commercial game should be considered for Featured Game.
Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass and Ara Fell are both commercial games and have been featured before.

I don't think there's a written rule about what commercial games are eligible, save for this post from Libby:

Well, personally I'm a-okay with games that have been on the site since their conception being made Featured games, even if they turn to commercial. Supporting our success stories is just common sense to me.

So I imagine the games have to be established and in the spirit of the RMN community, and not just some guy showing up one day posting their big Kickstarter game or something.

EDIT: Venaitura was also another featured commercial game.
I do put up commercial games as long as they're, as stated, ones that are established through the community. If a game was high-high quality and made a big splash here I'd probably consider it, but we have a LOT of non-commercial games that deserve the light and were built through community here, so I'm more likely to pick them over a commercial game that came from seemingly no-where.

Might wrangle itself a Game Spot tho!
It's the 3rd! WHAR NEW GAM?
King of Greyscale.

Because November is a grey month.
I forgot to set the front page stuff to active. XDDD

And yes, this month was gonna be King of Grayscale anyway, since it wasn't released this year so couldn't be unfair for the Misaos, but was still a recentish release. Xp
oh shit! Thank you for the feature! :DDDDDDDDD

I guess this means I have to work on KoG2 more now!
You're magical to me.
Good choice, glad to see it featured! :D
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What's a cool game for December's feature? Is it time to feature The Way, or other classic title?